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A wife refuses to shave until she cheats away from home.

Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone else, after I did have fantasies.

I was raised in a very religious and conservative home and have extremely prudish ideas concerning my appearance and attitude. Jack has constantly nagged me to wear sexier underwear, more fashionable clothes, and heels. I have always been more comfortable wearing granny panties and Maidenform bras that leaves nothing on display. Jack has even harassed me since our wedding to shave my bush. I'm proud of my bush and besides, if it were shaved, I could never get a medical exam because nice girls don't shave. I would be so embarrassed. Therefore, I have never done or even considered experimenting with what Jack has ever requested.

My accounting agency recently restructured the upper management and I found my department under a new boss, Eric Thompson. He was ten years younger than me, extremely good looking and very domineering. I found myself, for the first time ever, totally submissive. I'm not saying I like it but found it arousing, raising feelings within me that had not been stirred in years. I get lubricated from just being in his presence.

When Eric announced he was going on the audit with my team I realized he was going because he wanted to have sex with me. I was extremely nervous as I had always been completely faithful to my husband. I have never been hit on like the full court press Eric was putting on but I was secretly flattered that such a good looking young man would be interested in an old woman like me.

After the first day's audit I found myself alone with Eric in my room and he didn't waste time getting me out of my clothes. I found myself totally under his control and I found that I liked it. He laughed at my underwear and said we will sort that out tomorrow during lunch. When he saw my bush he said that was coming off too. He was in charge so I didn't say a word.

Finally, he had me out of my clothes and told me that I was hiding a model's body underneath that horrible granny underwear. He made love to my breasts, nobody has ever sucked and played with them like Eric. Then he found my vagina and finger fucked me while sucking my clit. Jack had never made love to my clit the way Eric did, and he didn't stop after just one orgasm. Eric is a big man, much larger than Jack, and when he undressed I discovered he was twice the size somewhere else too. I was in heaven when he fucked me with that cock. He had stamina and could fuck for thirty minutes before coming and he was the best fuck of my life, winning hand's down. I only allow Jack to have sex in the missionary position but with Eric we had sex in several different positions and I discovered I loved getting fucked from the rear. Actually, I only had Jack to compare Eric to and there was little comparison.

Eric kept his word, the next day he shaved me. I didn't say a word but realized I would be in trouble when I got home. I admit that I felt sexier without all the hair, not to mention cleaner as well. Eric and I also went shopping for new underwear and clothes. I just accepted all of Eric's suggestions and realized this is what Jack had been wanting me to buy for years.

We had sex at every opportunity before leaving for home. Eric even fucked me on his couch in his office the day we returned from the trip. I felt dirty as I went home as I didn't take the time to clean myself. I wanted my own shower.

Naturally, after a trip Jack wanted sex as soon as I got home. I asked for a rain check and did everything I could to get out of it but Jack was insistent and finally I agreed but only after a shower. I wanted to wash Eric off besides his cum was still inside me.

Jack began to make love to me and when he realized I was shaved he knew immediately I had cheated. There was no way I could have shaved myself, as even the crack of my ass was shaved. He got up, got dressed and went downstairs.

I found him in the kitchen drinking coffee and tried to

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