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The sequel to the story of Mary's amorous night at the office.


"I will mom, don't worry.. I'm feeling a little better now."

They chatted for a bit longer and then in the evening Mary went for a run. Running helped her forget about a lot of things and for those 45 minutes, she would just let go of everything that weighed her down.

As she ran down those familiar streets, so many memories came flooding back to her. Good memories.. it made her feel even better.

By dinner time she was almost back to her old self and she helped her mom with the cooking. They ate and joked and she slept better that night.

The next morning during breakfast her mother suggested that she should go meet one of her old friends - Megan.

"She has her own shop selling flowers at the corner of Zane and Turling Street."

"Wow.. haven't seen her in a long long time.. yeah.. I think I'll go see her"

Megan Chandler was 5'5 inches tall, was a brunette and she was cute. She was going about her daily routine, arranging the flowers and making bouquets when a familiar voice called to her from the payment counter.

"I'll be damned!" she said. "If it isn't miss big shot city slicker..."

"Well I don't know about bigshot.. but I will stand accused of being a city slicker."

Megan came around the counter to hug Mary.

"So what brings you here? It has been such a long time.. "

Seeing the look on Mary's face Megan guessed correctly

"Guy trouble?"

Mary nodded, the light going out of her eyes.

"To hell with em.. tell you what, why don't I close up shop early today and we'll go out to this lovely bar that's just opened up on Siding street. I'll tell Mag too and we can have a nice little lady's night out."

"Mag's around?"

Mag aka Maggie had been a former enemy turned friend of Mary's. Back in school Mary hadn't been very kind to Mag, as a matter of fact, to Mary Mag hadn't even existed. But one day when Mary was back home from college for the holidays, her car had broken down on a lonely stretch of road and Mag had been passing by. She could've easily driven by, choosing to ignore Mary but she had stopped and offered to help her.

Mary had reluctantly agreed for she had known that Mag didn't like her. But on the way they started talking and Mary had realised that there was so much more to Mag. They had struck up a friendship and for the rest of the holidays, Mary, Mag and Megan had hung out together and had a blast. In fact things had got to a point where one day they were having a slumber party at Megan's place and they had got drunk. Megan had started kissing Mary and soon Mag was in on the action as well. They had had a threesome and it was one of the most amazing sexual experience any of them had ever had. Though the next day they had made a vow never to let things get so out of hand again.

Although she hadn't been in touch with Mag lately, it would be nice to catch up and relive the old days.

So that evening, Mary got dressed up to paint the town red with Megan and Mag. Megan picked her up from her place. Mag was to meet them at the All Heavens Baron Siding street.

All Heaven's bar the one and only popular watering hole that catered to the who's who of the small town of Bouldbanns.

As they entered, Mary saw that Mag had already taken up a position at the bar. When Mag saw her, she squealed with delight and immediately left her stool to come and greet them.

"Wassup amigos?" she said putting an arm around both Megan and Mary and kissing them on a cheek.

Then looking at Mary she said

"Long time stranger.. you don't call, you don't write anymore" then she noticed Megan making a face indicating that now was not the right time.

"What's the matter you ok Mar?"

"Guy trouble.." said Megan simply.

"Well then lets get a few drinks inside you and hear about this son of a bitch.."

"So what in heaven's name are you upto these days Mag?" said Mary.

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