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Torrie hooks up with more Superstars to payback Kidman.

RVD falls back onto the couch, exhausted as if he ran a marathon, and falls back asleep, naked. Torrie looks around the locker room and finds a towel, and covers his manhood, before leaving the room.

Torrie walks down the hallway after her amazing encounter with RVD. Torrie slides her hand through her hair, fixing it, letting out a sigh. But Torrie still didn't feel justified for revenge, she needed one more person to know she had gotten completely back at her husband, Billy Kidman. Torrie turned the corner and spotted the WWE U.S. Champion and Master of Thuganomics, John Cena. Torrie smirked as she saw her final man to help her get revenge on Billy Kidman.

Torrie slowly walked over to Cena, who had his back turned to her. Torrie gently tapped Cena on the shoulder. Cena is wearing a throw back White Sox jersey, long jean shorts, black high tops, and a cap which he's wearing backwards. He turns around and sees Torrie standing behind him. "Yo Torrie, how's it going?"

Torrie softly replies, "Going well, John... can I ask you for a favor."

"Sure, anything you need babe."

"I need a ride back to the hotel," Before he can ask why, Torrie comes up with an excuse. "Billy's in a talent meeting with one of the Road Agents, and he has the keys to the car."

Cena then replies "Ok, no problem, let me grab my gear."

Cena and Torrie heads back to his locker room where Cena grabs his bag. They head to the parking lot, having a nice chat, and greeting any body that sees them. Once they reach the parking lot, they head to Cena's rental car, and gets in, Cena tosses his bag in the backseat, starts the engine and they drive off.

After a 30 minute ride, they arrive at the hotel parking garage. Torrie smiles as Cena pulls into a parking spot and shuts off the car. The whole time in the car driving to the hotel Torrie was thinking of ways to get Cena up to her hotel room.

"Well thanks for the ride...." Torrie opens the car slowly getting out of the car, but then stops as an idea sparks inside her head "Hey...John...the television in my room isn't working too well, would you maybe mind having a look at it." Torrie says in an innocent tone of voice.

"Sure, maybe just the cable is out." Cena grabs his bag opens the door and exits the car, then opens trunk and tosses it in there.

They walk out of the parking garage and too the hotel. They get stopped on the way by a 10 year old boy, and sign his WWE Smackdown Magazine. They enter the hotel and head straight for the elevator. Torrie presse the 'up' button, and they wait a few moments for the elvator to arrive. They get on, and Torrie presses the 'four' button, and they ride up to the fourth floor. With a ding, the elevator doors open, and they walk to Torrie's room, where she opens the door, and lets Cena inside. He heads straight for the TV to check it out, as Torrie closes the door. Torrie smirks knowing this is her chance to lure John Cena into her desires as Cena looks at the television, trying to find out what is wrong with it, or if something is even wrong. Torrie speaks up for a second "Umm..John would you excuse me for a minute?"

Cena shrugs, "Sure, no problem."

Cena moves the TV from out of the corner to check the cable hook-up. He sees that it's a little loose, so he tightens it. He pushes the TV back, and looks for the remote. He pressed the power button and nothing happens. "Damn, thought that was it."

Torrie walks into the bathroom closing the door. Torrie slides of her light pink shirt and her dark blue jeans. Torrie the puts her a black bra and a skimpy black g-string of her's that had been on the bathroom floor. Torrie then puts a silky, short black bathrobe around her body covering up her bra and g-string. She opens the door and slowly walks over "Did you find out the problem?" Torrie asks seductively as she can.

Cena looks up and over at Torrie, and his eyes buldge.

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