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Korrie's pleasurable suffering never ends.

"Ow!" She jumped up and down on one foot while trying to pull a painful rock out of another. This proved costly as she landed on another painfully jagged stone. The pain in both feet sent her tumbling backwards, her towel opening up once again. She landed with her hands behind her, completely spread eagled in front of her helper. Even he wasn't enough of a saint not to ogle her trimmed pussy and bouncing breasts for a second before giving her a helping hand up. Taking it, she could see a bulge growing in his swim suit. That can't be it. That thing is huge.

"Watch out," he said. "The path is pretty rough."

Wrapping her towel once again, Emily felt dismayed. "How far is the hotel?"

He looked toward the mainland. "Not far, a bit less than a mile."

A mile? I barely made it ten feet. To him she said. "This feels terrible, but is there any way you could spare a girl your sandals?"

"Umm... Well I would." It was only then that Emily looked down to see that he was also barefoot.

"Wait, don't the rocks bother you?"

"Not really. I come here every year, and I spend a lot of time barefoot anyway. It hurts for a few months, but then you get used to it."

Emily did not have a few months, and she couldn't just stand there, pussy and ass, exquisite though they were, exposed to the whole world. Even now a mother was trying to cover her young son's eyes. It wasn't working, even he was stealing a look. There was only one option.

"Ok, well. Umm... Do you think you. No." Emily looked down at her feet "Well, do you think you could carry me?"

The man grinned sheepishly. The bulge in his pants wasn't getting any smaller. "Sure. I could do that. Here."

He walked towards her, and with one move lifted her up into the air in front of him. She grabbed his shoulders to brace herself, and her towel came open yet again. This time she didn't care. Her breasts were pressed against his chest, and the rising and falling warmth of him felt much safer and more reassuring than the towel ever did.

He held her securely as he walked down the path. It was purely accidental, but from the way he was carryng her, Emily's clit began to grin against his arm as they proceeded down the path. At the beginning, it felt nice, a warming hum to go with being held in his arms. As the sensation warmed and the pleasure slowly blossomed, it even eased some of the awkwardness between them.

"So I suppose we never introduced ourselves did we? My name's Emily." She hoped to strike up conversation.

He smiled as he looked to her. Their faces were only inches apart. "My name's Dan. It's a, it's good to meet you." They both laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

"You're right, it's a pleasure." It took serious self restraint not to kiss him. Holy Shit... I need to get it together. Still, the animal smell of him so close to her and the feeling of her clit rubbing up against him were starting to work their magic.

Luckily the walk was short. His long strides carried them to the resort lawn in no time at all. By the end she was breathing more heavily than he was; she could see a trail of wetness on his arm where he had held her. It was nothing next to the moisture taking hold inside her.

Thankfully, he pretended not to notice. Instead he turned to more practical matters.

"Do you need help getting into your room? I noticed you don't have your key card on you." His smile turned smug at the little joke.

"I might, you better come in with me."

"Sounds good. Also, you might want to do something about your towel. They might be a little more strict about coverage in the hotel."

Emily stared at him.