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He writes with a question & she replies.

"Are you sure it's ok for me to watch this?" she said, looking for more validation.

"Yes, of course. You can do what you want." I didn't know what else to say, and as unsteady as I was about it a few days earlier I knew then that I didn't want to discourage it.

And so a pattern established itself. Every Tuesday night I would read erotic fiction in the study, and occasionally some short porn clips on the PC while Lori masturbated to porn in her room. I became more and more interested in the incest stories on the site and my resistance to sexual thoughts about Lori lessened steadily. I would occasionally walk past her room out of curiosity. I'd watch some porn on the way past, then get a glimpse of what she was doing on the way back. After a couple of weeks she stopped pulling her hand out of her pants when I walked past. On that day I went straight to the bathroom and immediately jerked myself off.

Nobody else in the family had any idea the secret kinky things that were happening on Tuesday nights.

This continued for a few months until Lori stepped it up a notch. She came out to the lounge in her PJs, sat on the couch and put some porn on the big HD screen. I could see her clear as day from the study.

I walked out into the lounge room and stood nearby watching the action on screen as the movie started. It had one of those montages at the start where they show the female credits over clips of them taking cocks in every hole. I didn't recognise the pornstars being introduced.

"This isn't one of mine." I said.

"It's Jacob's." she replied. "I found a blu-ray in his room and I don't have a player. Do you mind if I play it here?"

I paused for a moment, but only a moment, "No, knock yourself out." I said, then headed to get a drink in the kitchen.

When I got back Lori had her hand down her pants and was really going at it, not showing any sign of stopping when I walked past.

This continued each week, escalating most weeks. The week after the move to the lounge I didn't just watch for a minute or so while taking a break from Literotica, I sat down and watched it with her. Sitting on the other couch of course. She didn't masturbate with me sitting there, but I could tell she wanted to. I wanted to as well, my cock was almost ready to tear a hole in my pants.

The week after that she masturbated with me sitting there watching alongside her, discretely with her hand down her pants. The week after that I rubbed my hard-on through my jeans, quite furiously after a while. I saw her watching me when she didn't think I was looking, I could tell she was fascinated. The rest of the week in between these sessions was excruciating. I saw my step daughter in a whole new light now, resisting the urge to constantly perve on her was difficult at best. And waiting for everyone else to leave on Tuesday nights was the worst.

We also started talking to each other a bit about the action on screen when we were watching the porn. Commenting on how unbelievable the various scenarios and "plot lines" were or Lori would make a comment about how large some guys penis was and I'd admire some chicks large rack. We also discussed our own sex lives. I told her about my troubles with her mother and she told me about her last boyfriend who dumped her because she didn't want to give him a blow job yet. She also revealed that she'd had sex with 3 different guys.

Eventually, after more than a month of openly watching porn with my step daughter I couldn't take it any more. Watching my hot redhead step daughter finger herself under her clothes while we watched ridiculously good looking people fuck was too much for me, especially knowing I'd have to wait a whole week to do it again. So one night while I sat there with my balls aching I unzipped my pants and pulled my rock hard dick out before I could stop myself. It was so hard I had trouble getting it through the zipper.

"I hope you don't mind." I said, "I couldn't stand it any more."

Lori's mouth dropped open slightly as she stared openly at my seven and a half inch cock; But she didn't