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Erotic fiction writer meets stranger for hot sex in Jacuzzi.

Avril cooed and allowed herself to be pulled down to kiss the lips of the redhead. She could feel Lindsay' tongue as it probed for entry into her mouth. Parting slightly, she let their tongues intertwine in a sensual dance of lust and passion. Breaking the kiss with a moan and releasing her cock, the freckled Lohan smiled deviously. Bringing her hands up to Avril's top she wasted no time in pulling the material. Buttons shot off in every direction as her black bra was ripped into view. Her mouth watered at the inches of Avril's milky white cleavage clad only in the bra. Through outstretched hands, she grasped and pawed at the flesh, eliciting moans of delight from Avril and shrieks of delight from herself as Amanda hit a sensitive spot. Obliging Lindsay desperate motions, Avril reached behind and unhooked the bra, letting it fall free along with the tatters of her shirt. Her pink nipples jutting out proudly against her pale flesh.

The redheaded slut wasted no time in pulling her down again, mouth open to embrace Avril exposed nipples. A long gasp turned into a low growling moan as Lindsay latched on. Her tongue worked furiously around the nub, while she sucked in the whole areola in her mouth. She would disengage, only to drag her teeth across the sensitive flesh, then switch to the boobs' underappreciated partner.

Avril had a repeat of this morning. Her right hand encircled the hard member jutting from her crotch while her left hand dipped even lower to her wet snatch. This time however, pleasure came faster as Lindsay worked her breasts. She even felt a hand on the head of cock that slowly traced the crimson helmet and tickled under the sensitive head. The blonde futa needed her release, her actions becoming tense and more frantic, desperate to reach a release and spray down her aggressor.

"What the fuck is that!"

The exclamation brought both of them out of their list induced haze as they both turned guilty to Amanda. The dirty blonde had disconnected herself from Lindsay's cunt and stared in a mix of wonder and horror at the dick jutting out 7 inches from Avril's crotch.

"It's my cock silly." Avril giggled, her embarrassment washing away.

"Where'd that come from?" She crept closer, looking at the appendage.

Before she could answer, Lindsay chimed in. "She grew it. She's on a trial for a new medication. That's a side effect."

"What's the drug do?"

"It's supposed to give her these." To emphasize her point she squeezed each breast, causing Avril to yelp. She followed this by smacking her ass. "And this fine piece of ass."

"I need to get me some!"

Avril, angry at Lindsay for butting in, snorted. "Good luck, it's long process and there's a lot that goes into it. Not to mention potential side effects." She stroked her cock.

"Well..." Her round face furrowed in thought as she looked at the dick leveled before her. She wanted it, but had reservations.

"Come on, don't you want to try it?" Avril asked, pointing her dick at the wide-eyed Amanda.

Amanda considered but Lindsay chimed in again. "Why don't we demonstrate for her?"

Avril clapped her hands in delight. "Of course!" Delighted, of course, to pound Lindsay for the first time, and follow Megan' suggestion. The loud redhead was in for a rude surprise. Avril, still standing, pulled her out of the lounge chair. With little regard for her feelings she started to command her pointing to her erect member. "Blow."

Grinning, Lindsay got down in her knees on the floor of the pool room.