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I love work!

.. private, so we can make each other feel good?"

"There's a nice little hotel not far from here," our hands close upon each other, "Shall we go and get a room for us to play in? I don't need to be anywhere for a while, except with you. Do you have a few hours to spend with me?"

"Yes," you breathe as you close your eyes again, "let's go."

I leave enough cash with the waiter to cover the bill and the tip, and with my hand at the small of your back I walk with you to your car, pointing mine out to you on the way. After two slow, yielding kisses our lips part and my tongue is soft and sensual against yours as I tempt your passion further, and as I slip my arms around you, you return my warmth eagerly and hold me close as you press your form against mine.

"Mmm, you're so scrumptious - let's go play!" I tell you where the hotel is, and I ask that you follow me there, and then wait in your car until I've got the room and come to get you. You nod, smiling, and I kiss you again even more deeply.

The drive to the hotel is at once both short and too long as anticipation and yearning blaze up within you, and you feel your body keenly aching for that ardent swell of bliss and that heated release you've been so craving. We park a little apart from each other, and I walk over to the office, and then to the laundry to get extra towels from the maid, and then to my car to fetch a small travel bag from the trunk. Then I walk across and climb the stairs, and open the door to our room a little way down the side of the building. Then in a moment or two I'm out again and down the stairs to your car where I take your hand as you get out. We go upstairs and close and lock the door behind us.

You set your things down and I move toward you, holding your gaze. We kiss again and our hands begin to wander, first over and then underneath clothing that, piece by piece, is slowly opened and removed as we wantonly surrender to each other. The bedclothes are stripped and cast upon the floor and we stand upon them now fully naked, deliciously caressing and tasting each other as we take turns kissing over our warm flesh.

My soft nibbling kisses trail down your sweet smelling neck and across your shoulder as my fingers stray from your back, gently circling and fondling your hardening nipples, teasing lightly down your sides and your hips, over your the cheeks of your sultry ass, and then forward to tenderly touch nearer, and nearer, and nearer to your sweetly musky sex as you part your legs for my approaching touch. You kiss my neck and chest and draw your fingers over the warm skin of my shoulders and my back as you take in the light scent of amber and vetiver that I placed upon my body for you. Your touch serves to stoke me up fiercely and my cock now stands rigid against your belly as I pull you closer.

Our tongues meet again in ever more enticing playfulness, and then I move over you as I carefully lay you back upon the mattress, pressing my body down against yours, and I kiss a path from your mouth to cheek, to your neck, around the outer curves of each breast where I then pause to lick and suck your now very sensitive nipples, and then down over your belly, to the nook of each of your sexy thighs, and then I settle between your legs, and kiss, and lick, and very lightly bite, up and down the inside of each of your legs from your belly to your ankles and back again to hover above your ripe peach.

You can feel your body now afire with primal hunger, and you spread wide to arch out against my tongue as I open you and lick very soft, and very slow, from the bottom of your wetly welcoming cleft all the way up to flicker sharply over your swollen pink pearl. I curl my arms around your ass and I revel in your scent and flow as you writhe gently in my grasp, and I tease and taunt your tender blossom until it aches ravenously for much more of my probing tongue.

Then my hands slip under your thighs and I rais