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"If you sing at Timberline's concert Thursday, you'll miss Steve's first football game, and they're playing Ohio State on ESPN. You know that, right?"

"I thought of it after I'd agreed to sing. I'm thinking that if the concert starts at six because it's a school night, it'll be over by nine. The game starts at eight, so it should last well after the concert is over," allowed Gwen.

"That sounds good, except that the game starts at eight Eastern Time. That means five o'clock here. The game will be over long before you get back from the concert," pointed out Charlotte to her friend.

"Oh, dear! I promised Jack that I'd sing with him. I guess you could record the game, if you would, and I'll watch it after the concert. Steve said he's starting the season as the third string quarterback. He's the back-up punter, too, and I didn't even know he could kick that well. It doesn't surprise me, though. I'm more surprised that they have two guys better at quarterback than Steve. One's a senior and the other's a junior. Steve should start in a couple years, if not sooner.

"It seems to me that appearing in concert with Jack Timberline will help get us some media exposure and help create interest in our movie. Being seen on stage with Jack Timberline will certainly help get me noticed."

"What planet are you on?" demanded Charlotte. "There's only two other people in the world that are as popular as you. Timberline sure isn't one of them! He needs you to help him. You passed that guy out months ago. You don't seem to get exactly what you, Jordan, and Steve have going right now. You guys are on top of the heap; kings of the hill! My best friend just might be the most sought after performer in the world, and when she's with Jordan Quick and Steve Hammer there's no doubt. You'll be helping Timberline, not the other way around."

"Wow! You seem so certain. It's hard to believe that I could be that popular. Still, Jack helped me when I was starting out, so I feel like I owe him. This should make us square," decided Gwen.

"I should say so. I know you're a big girl, but Paula mentioned how he tried to get you into his bed right in front of her. She doesn't like him very much and your mom is a pretty good judge of character. You know his reputation. Be careful around him," warned Charlotte.

"Don't worry. He's good looking, but nothing like Steve. I won't even be tempted. I guess Steve's spoiled me for other men," chuckled Gwen.

Steve seemed to understand when Gwen explained that she'd be singing in a concert with Jack Timberline during his first game. He told her not to worry about it since he appeared destined to polish the bench for the foreseeable future.

Gwen had been uncomfortable with Jack Timberline's stated intention of singing 'Glory of Love' with Gwen, but couldn't bring herself to voice her concerns to Jack. She spent an hour rehearsing the song with him Thursday afternoon. It was obvious to Gwen that Timberline lacked Steve's vocal skills, as well as his rugged good looks and charisma.

Later that evening, as Gwen waited backstage for her duet, she observed how the show lacked the intensity of the concerts she did with Steve, Jordan, Charlie and his band. The concert was sold out, and Jack gave a good performance, but Jack, as well as his band, seemed to be going through the paces with very little emotion or feeling. She decided that her performance would put some life back into the evening!

When her time came to sing, Gwen gave it her very best. Jack seemed to pick up his game, not wanting to be too embarrassed when compared to Gwen. Earlier, Jack had asked Gwen to hang around after the concert. Since her duet was one of the last songs performed, she acquiesced. Then she found herself agreeing to go out to dinner with Jack. She even had a little wine with dinner.

"There are some great clubs in the area," began Jack as he escorted Gwen to his limo after their meal.