Extreme I finally find a playmate who likes toys like I do. Porn Video

Matt tries to train Jackie with some earrings.

Were my fantasies finally going to come true? I hoped so.

Shirley asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. There would be no backing out once the trial period began. I told her I was ready and she told me the trial period would start in the morning. She took the list with her and locked herself in the spare bedroom while I went to bed. She reviewed the list and my responses to it. Some must have amused her because I could hear her laughing in the next room. When she came out a couple of hours later she was smiling. She told me that the activities I rated as hard limits would be observed, anything else was fair game. I tried to recall some of the activities I had rated low, but was willing to try. I began to worry just a little, hoping my fantasies were not something I would regret. Still, I trusted her and knew she wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

She told me to get up early tomorrow and fix her breakfast. She also said she would prepare a list of chores for me to do while she was at work. She told me that she would inspect my work when she got home and that everything on the list had better be done correctly or else. My cock immediately stood at attention to the prospect that she was actually taking this seriously. I considered messing up a few of the chores to see what happened, but decided against it as I wanted to make the experience as realistic as possible. We went to bed and had great sex that night.

The morning came too quickly. She got up at 5 am to get ready to make the one hour commute to work. She worked 12 hour shifts during the summer which meant she usually didn't get home until 8 pm or later. She was usually tired and in a poor mood due to the stresses at work. I hoped today would be a good day for her so she would be in a favorable mood when she got home.

Her list included a few surprises. I was to shave all of my body hair from the neck down. Following that I was to put on a pair of my women's panties that she knew I had. I was to wear nothing else until she got home. I was to clean the entire downstairs. I was to take down the drapes in the living room and wash/iron them. She wrote that she would help me hang them when she got home. I was also to do the wash and hang it out to dry. Finally, I was to make a nice dinner for two and have it ready when she arrived home around 8.

I mapped out a plan. I did as much cleaning as I could prior to taking down the drapes. Once down, the entire interior of the downstairs would be visible to anyone passing by. With me wearing nothing but woman's panties, I was not enthusiastic about having neighbors taking a peek in the house. I got the rest of the laundry done and went into the back yard to hang it out to dry. We had a fence around the yard but it was only 5 foot high. Anyone who wanted to investigate my activity or come over to chat would be able to see how I was dressed. Fortunately no one did, but my mind was constantly imagining someone looking at me from one of the neighbor's windows. I even imagined seeing shadows in a window but attributed it to an over active imagination.

Finally I had no choice but to take down the drapes so they could be washed. The room lit up as the sunlight streamed through the windows. Fortunately she had not told me to clean them as well. I would have dreaded the thought of standing in front of the windows to clean them in my present attire.

By 5 pm the house was clean and the wash had been done. I had gathered the clothes hanging on the line and hung the drapes to dry. I was contemplating what I should fix for dinner when the phone rang. It was Shirley checking up on me. She confirmed she would be home about 8 and said she was looking forward to my first inspection.

She arrived home as I was putting the food on the table.

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