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Young lady comes into knowledge & to the aid of others.

But you can learn, and I will help you.

"Let me tell you something Selina, there are countless millions of women who love having a man's baby making milk on their face. It is full of nutrients that are good for her body because it is the seed of life bathed in fluid from deep inside the man. When she swallows it, or it's on her face or it goes to her vagina it has a calming effect on her nervous system, it is nature's way. That has been proven in scientific research so I do not just say that.

" Her face is her most prized possession and his sperm is his most prized possession and women seem to worship that aspect of a man putting it there as a sign of spiritually rewarding gratitude between the two of them. Josette can tell you all about it, don't just take it from me. A young woman your age should be enjoying it by now."

She looks at him mystified. "No one ever told me that and I've never even seen what it looks like until you said what was on the faces here. Does it taste nice or funny?"

"Again, you should ask Josette, she's the one who's taken it from me when we make love and she seems very happy about it. In most cases I think taste-wise it is fairly bland, almost tasteless but that could change slightly from one man to another. It's not objectionable or so many women would not be wagging their tongues for it."

His remark goes over her head. Selina could hardly contemplate kneeling in front of a man as he aims his ejaculate towards her face. She's gone back to the face portraits for a second look, perhaps curious in the new knowledge that those marks actually came from his penis, the very thing she can't help but see bulging like a weapon inside his tights.

If the Frenchman was with one of his experienced nude models now in the same attire as his young Asian he'd be touching her by now but somehow the sweet Singapore girl is serenely above taking just to satisfy male lust. He will have his time, he is confident but only if it's a slow seduction not forced on her. He wants her to come to him and if they ultimately make love it will be long, extremely erotic and punishing on their physical reserves.

He leans back against a chair facing her and in this position his thighs are projected upwards towards where she is standing so that she can't help but see his erection outlined so definitively under the satin tights. His scrotum is large because he has big testicles and the head of his penis is within a fraction of coming out of his pants on an 11 o'clock position. He does this purposely to fill her mind with images she can take to bed tonight, trusting she will masturbate and toss and turn tormenting herself thinking of those pretty models sucking his manhood and him splashing his sperm over their faces. His manhood she can see, but cannot see.

She can't take her eyes off it but tries hard not to be seen taking notice, an impossible proposition. He tells her a woman feels a real sense of seductive power in making the man reach such a point of excitement that he cannot contain himself looking at her or being inside her and she feels rewarded by seeing him reach orgasm. "His cum represents his delight in feeling the allure of her sexuality and he rewards her with his gift, sometimes on the face, the neck, her tongue or her breasts. Does this surprise you my beautiful child?'

She feels cornered. She is not into male sexuality but is being exposed by her own admissions that she is like she was back in a pre-pubescent with little or no knowledge about sex. This strikes a new fear into her that he, being so worldly, will not see her as the woman she strives to be. She's back to her submissive, apologetic persona, lacking self esteem despite her incredible natural beauty she's yet to really value.

"I'm sorry sir. I feel foolish for you to be explaining such things to me at my age. I suppose it must be good for a girl's face if you say so. I won't know what it's like until a man takes me as his wife, then I would look forward to it. But I think I am too young for any of that anyway."

He runs hi

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