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Tami and Jonathan take the next step.

It is done in many homes, but in many more homes the lines are blurred and therefore the woman is more likely to be influenced by the politically correct view of feminism, then the natural needs of a woman to feel safe and protected by her man. It is my opinion, then, that women who seek enslavement are truly tired of the blurred lines and are finding a true outlet for their need for clarity and strong men.

The slavers do a good job of making sure that domineers are weeded out before they are allowed to participate in a slave auction. It would be too easy for poorly prepared men, to come and buy a girl and not know what to do with them. The truth of the matter is that here on earth too many men have never been taught their rightful position in life and have compensated the wrong way. The frustration of a male, who feels powerless in the home, and powerless in the job market, and powerless at life in general, tends to become gruff and harsh and mean spirited. He commands rather than leads a woman. He yells rather than disciplines a woman. He strikes in anger with his temper or his hands, rather than deal with lack of control.

Control comes from within. Leadership comes from control over self and knowing exactly where one is going. Others can see a clear goal being sought and find it easy to determine if that destination, that goal, is where they wish to be themselves. Finding commonality of goals they make the choice to follow the leader. Domineering men, and to be fair some women, tend to tell you why you should follow them. They tend to try to force others to see how much better they are and then push hard for you to get in line. That is not Mastery, that is weakness masked by a dominant veneer that reveals itself as a domineering attitude that turns off the natural slave in most women; leaving only the weak woman (who is never truly a slave for a slave is a very strong woman) to follow such.

Slavers do as good a job at sorting out the weak woman who would be in danger as a slave, as they do in keeping out the domineering assholes that pray on such women. Masters build confidence and build upon the slave's need to be in the presence of a Dominant man, they need to know that their women are strong and confident so that submission and the surrender is of strong confident need, not of weakness and fear. This slave, in the cage before me seems like a strong confident woman who seeks to kneel and yield to the whip. To be shown that there is such thing as discipline and not malevolence in her Master. She will be taught well.

"Keeper," I shouted to the man at the end of the hall with the ring of keys. "I wish to flog this wench, she is entirely too confident of her slave value, and I wish to bring her down a notch or two; bring the keys and tie her to the whipping cross..." I asked. He walked to me with complete boredom in his eyes, took the slut out of the cage and though she struggled with a puzzled look on her face, she knew she had no choice. She had spoken boldly for a slave and she was now going to face the consequence of her action.

I watched her five foot four frame tied to the cross on her toes, she looked back at me pleadingly as I walked to the wall rack and found a heavy flogger that fit my hand well and gave me a good balanced feel. The purple leather was soft but it had a nice bite to it. She would feel the pain of the flogger soon and well.

"Mater," she swallowed hard, "may this slave speak?" she asked

"You may speak slave, only know that it will have consequences..." I said. Then I watched the delicious curve of her claves and the tightness of a horsewoman's thighs so used to holding her on horseback, and the roundness of her heart shaped ass giving way to a small sexy waist and then up to a good set of shoulders. I knew her body could take a good flogging and I was planning on finding out how good she truly was.

"Master, this slave begs mercy for anything unpleasing she m

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