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Turmoil Resolved - Laura comes home, rocky road to normalcy.

The raised part of the seat kept riders from falling out of their seat while the ride was in progress. To her dismay, the seat pressed against the humming bird toy, intensifying the sensations.

Marte took a deep breath and held it in anticipating the stronger sensations that would kick in when Terra turned the toy on high. In her horny state, she was having difficulties putting on the five point seatbelt. A male worker came over to assist her. She wanted to push the pubescent boy's hands away, worried he would feel the vibrations between her legs. His hands moved quickly and locked her seat belt in place. He looked up at her with a smile and said, "Enjoy your ride." Her shaky arms pulled the over shoulder harness down and locked it securely against her body.
The increased pressure from the toy, along with her heightened sensitivity, was already making her crazy. She could feel her chest pressing against the over shoulder harness over and over as her heart beat wildly. Though it was a pipe dream, she hoped that Terra would not turn the toy on high.

Slowly at first, the ride began moving forward. It climbed a short incline like the last ride before it prepared to dip down, swing them to the side, upside down, then back to the other side. It whirled around in two sideways circles before going upside down again. Just before the ride picked up speed, Marte felt the strong vibrations kick in again. "Ahhhhhhhh" she screamed as her seat dove down. She felt her hips press forward with the momentum against the cushion between her legs. Her body shuddered as she ground against the piece between her legs.

The shaking ride, as it swung side to side then went in circles, increased the vibrations between her legs. She felt her inner walls clenching the beak of the toy inside her. Her body trembled in pleasure. The air against felt great against her skin. A moan slipped between her lips, just loud enough for Cindy and Terra to hear it over the loud ride.

She was on the verge of an orgasm as the ride pulled into the station. The strong vibrations stopped along with the ride. Gasping for air, Marte groaned in frustration. Conflicting thoughts ran through her mind. Being on the edge, wanted the vibrations to continue and yet she was happy the vibrations ended because she would not have wanted to orgasm right there in front of the line of people waiting to enjoy the ride.

Looking down, she noticed that she was sweating pretty heavily. She released the padded over- shoulder harness and unbuckled the five-point seat belt. Her week leg begain to give out when she stepped down with one foot to dismount the ride. Terra was there to catch her and help her out of the seat. She noticed her breathing was heavy and wondered if people thought the ride scared her out of her wits.

They were the last three people to exit. As they walked down the narrow corridor leading them back into the park, Marte felt Terra's hand grab her ass. She swatted Terra's hand away. The frustrations of being extremely aroused with no control and being around hundreds of people was beginning to wear on her. She wiped the sweat from her brow with the top of her shirt and noticed it was already damp with sweat.

"I need to use the restroom." Marte said as the exited the corridor and returned to the open spaces of the park.

"Let's look at the pictures taken from the ride first." Terra answered.

"Shit." Marte said. "I forgot these damn rides took pictures."

Cindy and Terra dragged her begrudging body to the booth where the pictures of each car were posted on different screens. Marte jaw dropped when she saw the picture of her face. Terra's laughter did not help the situation at all. Her mouth was hanging wide open, eyes closed, and looked like she was having an orgasm. Terra, being Terra, bought the embarrassing picture.

"This will be the pictures of memories for years to come. A commemoration of this great day."

Marte could feel her blood beginning to boil.

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