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He takes Joy to a monastery.

I'm not sure about the preliminaries, how things are supposed to commence in these situations. There is a slightly funny lull after we've paid Katie her money. But we have only secured her services for two hours, a time that she has clicked into her digital watch, and I am aware that small talk wouldn't really be a sound investment of that time.

As usual Hannah takes the lead. She stands up from the bed and lets her dressing-gown drop to the floor. She's still slightly moist from the bath, a sheen on her smooth skin. Katie looks her up and down admiringly and I get the impression that her bisexuality is genuine rather than a professional choice.

She moves to stand in front of Hannah, and holds her naked buttocks as, against all the rumoured rules of prostitution, they kiss. This is probably the single most beautiful thing I have seen in my life. I love Hannah with passion and with absolute devotion. I have watched her fucking other men on several occasions and always been aroused by it. But to see her naked like this and embracing this small slim girl is something else.

Katie rapidly starts to feel Hannah's tits. Stroking them and pulling the nipples to hardness. Then bends her head to suck on one while she pushes and rolls the other. By some kind of synchronicity or female intuition they both move over and lie on the bed without breaking the embrace. I am left standing, my cock now jutting out in front of me.

Katie kisses her way down Hannah's body, and rubs her nose along the thin line of hair that leads to her slit. Hannah opens up her legs immediately and Katie starts to lick at her clit. Hannah moans and holds the other girls hair, just as she had done to me only a few hours before. I am playing with my cock now, pulling my hand along it. Feeling the comforting hardness.

Hannah motions me to come over to her and has me kneel by the side of the bed where she can suck my cock without disturbing Katie who is still noisily troughing on her muff. I take my dressing gown off and Hannah plays with my balls as she wanks me and tries to take as much of my length as she can into her mouth.
Katie is still fully dressed when Hannah comes for the first time. Moaning over my dick and shaking one leg as the orgasm ploughs through her.

We take Katie's clothes off together. She has white triangles over her tits where a bikini habitually shades them, and the same over her brown haired muff. I start to play with Katie's cunt, but Hannah pushes my hand away and replaces it with her own. Katie does the same in return and they kneel on the bed kissing like this and playing with each other, their breasts grinding.

I feel a bit like a spare part again. I go up behind Katie and begin to introduce my cock between her legs. She breaks off her kiss with Hannah and tells me I need a condom if I'm going to do that. Hannah tells me that I'm not going to be fucking anyone but her, and I needn't think that I am. I hadn't realise that this was how things were supposed to be going, and consider it a bit unfair considering all the guys I've let her fuck. But seeing my hurt expression she starts to suck on my dick again, which eases my mind considerably. Especially when Katie begins to lick over my balls.

"Put something in me," Hannah eventually says to Katie, between mouthfuls of cock. "Fuck me with something."

Katie goes to her vanity case and puts on the pair of pants which would look very Marks and Sparks were it not for the fact that they are crotch-less and have an 8 inch dildo protruding from the front.

Hannah wriggles herself up onto all fours.

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