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Paladin faces her former master in battle.

She dressed in a short black skirt, fishnets, a black shirt and painted her fingernail black before she left the house for school. As she left, she noticed her window. The screen was gone.

School flew by rather quickly, mainly because Nicole was consumed with her missing screen. Tat meant that the noises weren't her imagination; they were real. Once school was out, she hurried home and locked every door and window in the house. Throughout most of the day, she paced up and down the living room, thinking about what to do. She had called up friends and she couldn't spend the night anywhere else. No one showed any interest in coming over. The only thing she could do was hope that it was a prank. That night, she laid on the couch in the living room, still fully clothed, blaring the darkest, heaviest music she owned. She started to fall asleep when she heard a creak that seemed to come from her bedroom, but she figured that it was probably a part of the song. Again her eyelids got heavier and heavier until she was at the brink of sleep. That was when she heard another sound. A voice.

"Wake up, Nicole."

It sounded like her dad, so she opened her eyes fully to see that it wasn't. A man that she had never seen before was standing in the hallway holding a gun. Her body went rigid with goosebumps, horror pouring through her veins. She tried to scream but no sound came out; her vocal chords were frozen with fright. He approached her slowly, an odd grin on his face. "I've always had a thing for girls like you, Nicole," he whispered hoarsely. He looked deep into the girl's beautiful eyes and saw nothing but fear. It really turned him on. Slowly he unbuttoned his pants and sat next to shivering Nicole. His hand touched her leg and slid up her skirt. He poked at her panties and directed his fingers around to her twat. Nicole wanted to cry. She couldn't even utter the word "no". Not like it would have done any good. He put the gun down and placed his other hand underneath her shirt. He caressed her breasts and moved his head closer to her face. He then licked Nicole's face, much to her disgust. She felt as though she couldn't take it, that she just wanted him to kill her first, or at least render her unconscious. He wouldn't, though. He wanted to feel her move beneath him. Nicole stopped fighting back and the tears began streaming down her face. He pulled her skirt up to her stomach and took her shirt off. He removed her panties with his teeth and licked Nicole's leg all the way back up. Despite the humiliation and fear, she was starting to get hot. When the stranger's face dove into her cunt, She closed her eyes as an until now unknown desire took over her body.

Nicole dug her nails into the couch cushions as the man's tongue explored her pussy. "Uhn...p-please...st-top..."

He looked up at her. I know you want this," he rasped. "You say no, but you're wet like a whore."

She let a gasp out as the feelings burning in her loins expanded throughout her entire body.

"Oh god..."

His tongue twirled and circled around her clit. Nicole felt so strange. She couldn't believe the arousal she was experiencing. The blood rushed to her face, making her cheeks bright red. Suddenly she felt ubiquitous explosions inside her. They branched throughout her entire body, and she opened her mouth, but no sound came out. She was cumming. She felt so good in a situation that she'd learned to be bad. Nicole felt like a whore, but she couldn't deny it. Her unintelligible gasps brought a smile to the man's face as he licked his way up to her neck. "See?" he told her smugly. "You want it bad, and you want me to give it to you."

Finally Nicole gave in. "Yes," she breathed. "Give it to me..."

The man grabbed her legs and pulled her tight little body to his crotch. He pulled out hs throbbing cock and shoved it into her wet twat. "Mmm, you're tight, Nicole."

She writhed beneath him, feeling so hot. 'God', she thought, 'he's stuffing me with that big fat dick....it feels so good..mmmmm.'

She wasn't allowing her inhibitions

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