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Sugar Tits is back! Jessica loses some IQ points.

"Are you enjoying that?" I joked as I sucked hard against her collarbone. She erupted into laughter and I felt her muscles shift in her stomach.

"I don't think I really realized," She spoke softly, "what they meant." I looked at her questioningly.

"What who meant?" I asked.

"You know, like when lesbians say that one of the best things about women is how soft they are." She smiled and leaned up to kiss me. "I get it now..." She sucked on my lower lip, "I can't believe how soft your skin is." She said as she groped my ass and pulled it upward, pushing my pubic bone against her. I chuckled at her observation.

"I'm pretty sure most women have soft skin."

"Only most?" She asked in a playful tone and giggled. I lifted myself onto my left elbow and slowly moved the fingers of my right hand down the length of her neck and across her shoulder.

"I think women just inherently have softer skin," I mused as my fingers teased down the side of her left breast and further down her waist, "But some make more of an effort with skin care." The backs of my fingers dragged down her hips as far as they could extend before turning and retracing their path.

"I like the way that feels." Her voice was languid.

"My fingers on your sides?"

"Well, yeah but..." Her hand covered mine and moved it over the sides of both our breasts. "I was actually thinking that I like the way it feels when you lie on top of me." A smile spread unwillingly across my face as I turned my head to watch my fingers caress the sides of our breasts and Renee kissed my forehead while my middle finger traced the line where they met. I moved to kiss her again as my hand rested on the side of her ribs. The kiss quickly grew more adamant but was interrupted when a shrill sound pierced the air. My eyes snapped toward the open door as the realisation that it was Renee's phone sank in and she sighed deeply.

"You wanna get that?" I asked as I started to roll myself to the side.

"No!" She quipped back and pulled me back into place, kissing me hard. The sharp tones continued to ring through the apartment and, as designed to do, commanded my attention. I smiled and looked back at her door. "Don't!" she muttered as she feverishly kissed my jaw. As I was turning my head back, a set of numbers entered my consciousness. 05 18. Scanning the bedside table the numbers were confirmed. 05:18 PM. Sunday. My subconsciousness cursed my imminent actions.

" Hey, um..." I lifted my head and gestured toward the clock. "Don't you have to be at what's-his-names place?" She looked at the clock.

"Oh my god!" She exclaimed, pushing her body up. I quickly rolled to the side and watched her leap from the bed and hurry over to her closet. She whipped it open and pulled out a set of clothes. As she hopped on one foot to get her panties over her feet my attention was drawn to them. I sat with my knees pulled up to my chest and began to laugh at my obsessive thoughts. Renee stood still as she clasped her bra behind her and shot me a confused look.

"What are you laughing at?" She asked.

"Nothing. Just... your socks." She froze and looked at her feet.

"What?" She asked, shaking her head. She began to pull her shirt over her head.

"Well, they're grey."

"Yeah. And?"She straightened her shirt and leaned over to put her pants on.

"You don't wear grey socks. When did you get them?" I tried to ask without laughing at the hopping blonde as she tried to pull the tight fabric up her legs.

"Oh, um, maybe a little over a month ago. While you were in New York. One of my other pairs got holes in the bottoms and when I went to the store they only had grey and red." She looked down to fasten the button on her pants and pull the zipper up. "So I just got a pair of grey ones."

I pursed my lips and nodded my head as I considered her answer, feeling silly for expecting anything other than the rational explanation that she gave me.

"Have dinner with me tomorrow night.

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