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Lee comes home to his new roommate, Carol.

I was fairly sure nothing had happened between them and also fairly sure that sooner or later something would. Of course there was the rest of the weekend, I thought as they returned.

As the girls walked in front of me, I watched the people we passed. Most all of the men paused eating and watched them sway by. A surprising number of women did the same. I smiled as I felt a surge of pride in both my ladies.

"Both my ladies?" Where did that come from?


Again I opened the car door for the girls. Again there was a lovely show for me. But there were some changes. Under Karen's dress, there was now, what appeared to be the bottom half of a light pink teddy showing. Under Sue's sheath was a pair of hot pink crotchless panties silhouetting her trimmed bush.

When I got in and started the car, Karen said, "It's your own fault. You are getting predictable in your old age."

"I'm not old... I just have high mileage, thank you."

After I pulled out of the parking lot and got headed south, Karen snuggled up to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said, "That's all right, we love you anyway. Isn't that right Sue?"

"Minute by minute, hour by hour, more and more every day." With that statement the girls began to laugh and I joined in.


A few blocks farther south I moved to the left lane, so I could turn and get on the east bound outer loop. Karen said, "Move back over and go west bound on the loop. The party is canceled; I have this terrible sick headache. Oh! Oh! The pain." she then put her head on my shoulder and covered her forehead with her right hand in mock anguish.

Sue laughed. "Sorry, boss. Those best laid plans of yours are being changed."

Karen lifted her head and looked at sue. "Laid, is a very good choice of words." Both girls laughed.

As we approached an interchange, Sue said "Take this freeway south."

"Ok," I said, "You ladies seem to know where you want to go."

Karen grinned and looked at Sue.


Traffic was light. I had set the cruise control for 65. Karen was still cuddled up to me with her right hand absently stroking my right thigh, occasionally sliding across my hard hot groin. The hole in those briefs was so tight now my circulation was cut off, blood going in and staying.

Sue had gotten comfortable in the corner of the seat and door, drawing her left leg up onto the seat. It was resting against Karen's buttocks and thigh. When I glanced in her direction, I could just barely see a hint of hot pink, dark brown, and maybe a little pink at the edge of her dress. It was rapidly growing dark. I turned on the headlights and continued to drive south.

A few miles later, I shifted enough to put my arm around Karen's shoulders. I also needed to adjust the way my slacks were cutting off the rest of my circulation, so to speak. With my arm in this position I could also stroke the top and side of her right breast. Her skin was so soft and warm. She made a small sound about halfway between a hum and a purr. As I have learned through our years together, this is a pleasure sound. The deeper it is the more pleasure is involved.

Karen's hand moved up to my belt buckle and started to undo it. She unbuttoned the button underneath, and then eased the zipper down. As her hand move inside to grasp my manhood, I raised my ass slightly and gave a hum of my own, partly from pleasure and partly to again loosen the strain on the front of my slacks. As I did, she pulled gently up and out, removing me complete from the covering and confining cloth.

At first she just held it, with her small hand around the base. She then started to move her hand up and down very slowly, with almost no pressure. I felt a feathery tickling sensation. I gave a low deep groan. She kept this up until she felt me start to tense up. Then she would stop and just hold the base again. I would relax and the process would start all over again. Thank the lord and mister Chrysler for cruise controls; otherwise we would have been doing 110.

This went on for considerable time, with me t

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