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After a while, the crowd began to wander off as well and I decided to get a bite to eat before driving through the awards line to receive my trophy. Coincidently, I found Jack and the girls up at the concession tent and we joined up for lunch. When I heard the PA announcer call out my circle for awards, I had to hustle back and get my car lined up.

"You want to ride along?" I asked them.

"Oh, sure!" Allie said quickly.

"Why don't you guys go ahead," Jack said. "I think we're going to find a shady spot and neck for a while."

Kate frowned playfully and nudged him in the ribs.

While we waited in line, Allie kept looking over at me and smiling.

"This is pretty exciting for you isn't it?" she said.

"It's great! I've put a lot of work in on this baby over the years, and this is one of the best compliments a guy can get."

"What if I said, you deserved it because you're such a great guy?"

"I guess I'd have no choice but to believe you," I laughed.

"Then what would you say if I told you I was fond of you?" she asked.

I looked over at her again. Even though her eyes were shaded by her broad-brimmed sunhat, they still sparkled brightly. The hem of her dress had risen half way up her thighs. I began to picture taking her for a long drive on the way home, stopping at an empty roadside park someplace and stealing a kiss or two.

"You know how old I am?" I asked.

"And you know how young I am," she replied. "So what?"

"That's what I keep telling myself," I said. "I know my heart doesn't care about that. At this point my heart doesn't care about much besides being with you."

"I know because I feel the same way about you."

"It's been so long since I've felt open enough to commit to someone," I confessed.

"Do you think you know me well enough to talk about 'commitment'?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, there may some things that you don't know about me."

"All I know is that when I drop you off or see you leave that I wish it didn't have to be."

"What if I told you that I was married?" she said with a tone of hesitancy in her voice.

"You aren't are you?"

"Well, yes. As a matter of fact I am," she said looking down and away from me.

"My God!" I said dumbfounded. "When? I mean, all this time?"

"I know I should have told you before, but there just never seemed to be the right moment."

"Oh, Christ, Allie!"

"This doesn't change anything between us, does it?" she said. "I mean, I hope it doesn't."

"How could it not?" I replied. "You know how I am about these things. Jesus!" I said, the realization just beginning to sink in. "So who's the lucky man? Do I know him?"

"You might," she replied, looking back at me with her big blue eyes flashing. "You ever hear of Chad Clifton?"

"Yeah, the football player? That's your husband? Oh Christ! Are you crazy? I play golf with him at a charity golf function every spring. Jesus, if he caught us together, he could kill me!"

"He could kill us both, but he wouldn't. He's a really nice guy. A good loving husband."

"If he's so charming, then why do you need me?"

"Chad was my first. I met him in college during homecoming week one year. He kept calling and calling and asking me out and I finally couldn't turn him down any longer. It was a whirlwind and the next thing I know we're walking up the aisle and I'm a married woman."

"But why me?" I asked. "Why me?"

She looked at me, then down to her lap, off to the side, and all around us. Then slowly her eyes rose back to me. She could have told me anything and I would have believed it, given the way she looked at me.

"You are so different from him. He's a good guy and all, but there is such a different feeling I get when you look at me, like you respect me and cherish me. He was my first, and I never really knew any other man. But when we met, you and me, it was like for the first time I looked at a man who looked back at me and looked inside me not just what's on the outside."

"You said he was your first?"

"And my only," she said looking back down into her lap.

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