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Student gets fucked on pool table.

Noticing this, Manny grabbed both of my hands and pinned them over my head with one of his.

"I'm not asking now, I'm telling you. Open your mouth, Zhane".

More than turned on, I opened my mouth for him. Slowly, he smiled at me while raising his free hand to my lips. One by one, he slowly fed me the fingers that had fucked my sweet, wet pussy. Restraint obliterated at this point, I sucked each one hard and deep, swallowing every remnant of myself I could taste.

Letting out a groan in his chest, Manny stared hotly at my mouth. "Good, baby?" He asked with hooded eyes. Tamed a bit, I nodded demurely while still sucking his digits.

"I know you love that shit baby. In fact, I know you love it so much that I'm going to do you one better and let you lick all over my dick. How's that? Would my pretty kitty like to suck me off now?"

Nodding and smiling slowly, I reached for his cock. Rubbing my hands all over his length from the outside of his jeans, I felt my mouth begin to water and my clit throb harder. Manny knew that I had a ravenous appetite for oral sex with him and I couldn't get enough. Having the chance to see his hot, thick seed up close and personal always made me cream especially hard. It was a secret pleasure that only he knew about.

Unzipping his pants and pulling down his boxers, his cock sprung up and down like a vertical metronome. Thick and veiny with a more than appropriate length, Manny's silky smooth penis brushed against my sex. Glancing down, I instantly hit my knees.

"That's right baby girl. Do what you've wanted to do for the past two weeks. Drain my dick dry, baby." Pushing my head onto him, he sealed the deal with these words: "get to work."

And work I did, slowly taking him inch by inch to get reacquainted with his size. Relaxing myself, I took his cock as far down as I could...providing just the right amount of saliva needed for a slightly messy, proper deep throat. Slowly swallowing him two more times, I began to suck hard and deep in my mouth, adding a hand to jerk his shaft off as needed.

Towering above me, Manny never broke eye contact but kept both hands on the sides of my face. Slowly, he starting pumping his hips in and out of my mouth, shaking his head slowly from left to right.

"So fucking pretty kitty is so fucking beautiful. No disrespect baby, but I love to see you on your knees taking all of my dick deep in your throat...fuck..." He trailed off, letting out a strangled cry as I started vacuuming him with my tongue and cheeks.

That one swift movement set him off.

Pushing me back against the wall, Manny bent his knees, gripped his hands in my thick natural mane, and proceeded to fuck my mouth into oblivion. When it became hard to breathe, I'd tap his legs and he'd ease up, asking if I was okay and offering to stop. So sweet...but there was no way that I was letting that happen. I earned the nut he was rapidly on his way to busting down my throat, and in a weird way...I wanted the rough mouth handling. If I wasn't careful, I'd be right there with him, as I was still on fire from my missed orgasm earlier.

"Mmhmm. Damn Ne' are the best baby. So beautiful... So fucking dirty...and mine. All fucking mine and nobody else's...shit!" Once he started calling me Ne', I knew that things were shifting into overdrive.

Picking up the pace, Manny wasn't even really talking to me but more to himself. He was so far gone in the zone that he started to completely withdraw his dick from my mouth, only to shove it back down my throat. Moaning and purring deeply in my chest, my hands snaked down to my dripping pussy and furiously began fucking it with one and stoking my clit with the other.

Manny stared down in between throat jams and spoke more filthy words, egging us both forward. Soon, he stopped the oral onslaught. Walking back a few steps, he pinned me with his eyes while slowly stroking his pipe. As he engaged in my second guilty pleasure, something in my belly grew white hot.


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