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Four is not a crowd for Paul and the girls.

His wife laved and slurped and poured praise along with viscous saliva onto the stiff, thick length of the young man's cock. She gabbled wide-eyed enthusiastic praise at the latent power of the ordnance in front of her face, almost unhinging her jaw to accommodate the ardent girth of the cannon's thick circumference.

'Is that good?' the blonde crooned after sucking herself hollow-cheeked. 'Do you like that? Me sucking your cock?'

'Shit,' the young man grimaced, his eyes clenched in his twisted face. 'Everything about you is ...' He gasped and left it unsaid when she took hold of him down at the root, the heel of her hand at the tight sac of his scrotum as she stroked the length of him slowly.

'Don't come yet,' she warned in a voice dark with menace. 'Not until you've licked me and fucked me ...'

The old man sat on the bed and watched in slack-jawed, morbid fascination.

'My wife,' he muttered. 'My beautiful wife ...'

The woman turned her head, still on her knees with the boy's erection in her fist. Drool slimed her chin as she looked at her husband.

'Thank you for this,' she sighed, smiling. 'Thank you, Tony.' And then she smiled at her lover, her face uptilted. 'Lick me,' she grinned. 'I think you'll explode if you put it in now, so just lick me first, make me come.'

The couple moved to the other bed, she leading him by the penis. She settled on her back and folded her long legs at the knees. The fingers of her left hand, the third bejewelled and encircled by the wedding band, splayed the lips of her sex.

'Lick me,' she breathed, exposing herself to his gaze.

He knelt on the carpet and hooked his fingers under her buttocks. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, he leaned in, ducking forward to taste the essence siping from the opening. The woman groaned and pulled her knees back towards her shoulders. Her fingers thrust into his hair. She encouraged him to push his squirming tongue deeper, to lave at her clitoris, to explore her with his fingers.

The old man, still watching from his lonely bed looked down into his lap. With some surprise in his expression he unzipped his trousers and examined the shrivelled giblet within. As he listened to the soft moans from his wife the thing between his legs, hitherto dormant for some three years, twitched and unfurled slowly like some cyclopean beast awakening from hibernation.

He coaxed a resurrection with a forefinger and thumb while the pair on the other bed continued, oblivious to the miracle growing alongside them.

Obscene liquid sounds came from between the woman's legs as the young man worked at her, his chin smeared with her desire.

The blonde's eyes opened when she sensed a shadow pass by her side. She looked up to see her husband, his legwear shucked to his knees and a febrile erection jutting from the grey matt of his pubic bush.

'Tony?' she croaked. Noticing her husband's arousal, and sensing its fragility, Eleanor reached for him. 'Let me suck you,' she murmured. 'Put it in my mouth, darling.'

Eager as a puppy, with myriad scenarios running through his entrepreneur's brain Tony, survivor of many a boardroom clash, clambered onto the bed. Eleanor would remain his trophy wife, men would still envy him, and this way, if he shared her, allowed her to fuck and be fucked, he would keep her as his. He reasoned that catching her kissing another man could work well for him. After all, hadn't his penis, asleep for so many months and years, suddenly flourished? Wasn't his beautiful wife now kissing his phallus tenderly?

'Keep licking me, baby,' Tony heard his wife say when her lover raised a curious face from between her thighs. 'Keep sucking my clit ...' And with some wonder lifting her voice, she added, 'It's just my husband come to play too.'

The boy bent back to his task and Eleanor kissed the tip of her husband's penis.

'Is this for me?' she asked her husband, her eyes shining; an then her face twisted into a snarl.

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