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A last-minute guest.

My fingers trace up between the cheeks of your ass to the plug lodged in your tight little hole.

"I hope that is well lubricated," I whisper. "I will certainly be using it later."

Turning you around by the shoulders, I take your head in my hands and kiss you. Our mouths try to devour each other. I pull away and say, "Don't move. I want to enjoy looking at you for a few minutes."

I pull up the desk chair and sitting in front of you I look you up and down. You do not dare cover your body and it takes some self-control to just rest your palms against the wall behind you. You turn you head to the side because you know you are not allowed to directly met my gaze with your eyes.

"Open the robe, slut."

You untie the belt and pull the robe a few inches apart.

For a few minutes I simply enjoy looking at your breasts now only half covered by the robe. The material is sheer enough that your nipples are clearly visible. Your bare pussy is now entirely uncovered and framed by the bottom of the waist cincher and the edge of the dark tops of your stockings.

"Turn your head back to the front. I want to get a good look at you."

You turn back in my direction but you drop your gaze. You see me stand and walk up to you again. You do not look up.

"Your makeup is perfect. I love the red lips and dark eye shadow. Not too much, very sophisticated but sexy. Too bad the lipstick is not going to last very long."

I move my mouth to yours and our tongues dance against each other in our open locked mouths. I squeeze your breasts and pinch and pull your nipples. One of your hands pulls me to you and the other moves to my cock still covered by my trousers.

"No, no, no. You are a greedy little slut."

I turn you back to the wall and using the belt of your robe I bind your elbows together behind your back. This pulls back your shoulders, arches your back and pushes out your breasts. Now I pull open the robe completely and go back to working in earnest on your bared breasts and nipples.

"Now tell me. Who are you."

"I am your sex slave."


"Your slut."


"I am anything you want me to be."

"Oh, good girl. And how can I use you?"

"Any way you want."

"Can I fuck your mouth?"

"Yes, sir."

"And your cunt."

"Yes, sir."

"And your little ass hole."

"I am your slave, sir. You can use any hole you want."

"You are a perfect little slut."

"Thank you, sir."

I turned you around facing me, kiss you yet again and then help you/push you down onto your knees. You wait patiently as I undress. When I am naked, I walk back to you and guide my cock into your mouth.

I hold your head by your hair. You completely relax your neck and let me set the pace of your face fuck. I firmly control the pace. I slowly and steadily pull your head back and then impale myself in your mouth. You actively suck and tongue my shaft but with my hands in your hair you feel powerless as I fuck your mouth. I pull free and feed you my balls, then resume the steady mouth fuck. You begin to wonder if I plan to come in your mouth when I abruptly pull free and help you up and onto the bed.

I put you on your back. It is a little awkward with your elbows tied behind you and is a slightly uncomfortable position but it heightens your feelings of a loss of control and pushes you deeper into a sense of submissiveness. I begin to lick and then suck your pussy. I alternate with sucking, pinching and biting your nipples and kissing you again. You can taste yourself on my mouth. On the third or fourth cycle, I begin to really concentrate on your pussy. I lick and suck and fill you with first one and then two and three of my fingers. Briefly I pull away and retrieve the vibrator you had placed on the night stand. You come the first time with the vibrator inside you and my tongue concentrating on your clit.

After you climax, I roll you off your elbows to a more comfortable position on your side and more softly caress your body.

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