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Master & slave enjoy the ride.

My body trembles, and I know you feel it. I keep my hands at my sides, again as you told me to do. The urge to touch you is strong, and you know that. I think we both enjoy you making me wait.

Your hands slide around my body, slipping on the satin material. You move your hands up under the top, and I gasp as you touch my bare skin. Your warm breath and soft lips continue to tease my sensitive neck. I can't suppress the small moans of pleasure. You slip your hands down into the bottoms, down across my lower abdomen, pulling me against you. I move with you, but am not to push myself into you. You want me pliant, willing, moldable, obeying your every word.

Sliding the bottoms down over my hips, they pool at my ankles. I step out of them as you tell me to do, and spread my legs apart and back, making my bottom stick out towards you. You stand beside me, bracing my body against you, and start to spank me lightly, a teasing kind of spanking. It's so hard to stay still.

You spank me the way I love to be spanked; starting slowly, increasing the intensity gradually, my skin turning pink, the sound of your hand striking my bare bottom arousing and erotic. Your hand wanders over me, spanking my entire bottom and upper thighs, then plunging between my legs, checking for the wetness you know will be there. You stroke and fondle and find my throbbing swollen clit. I groan as you do, it feels sooooo good.

After a while, you stop and have me turn around. You lean against me, kissing me breathless, your soft velvety tongue slipping in and out of my open mouth. I relax, yielding to your touch, your kisses. Your hands go to the buttons of the pajamas, and you undo them slowly. Your knuckles brush against my skin, making me moan softly. My back arches slightly, thrusting my breasts out more. You push the top open, and your hands wrap around them.

One hand slides down to settle between my legs, my pussy slippery and hot. Your fingers slip in deep, curving upwards, pressing on that spot in me. Your hand doesn't even move, and it starts my body climbing. You pinch my nipple, tugging at it, stretching it, the double assault on my body incredible.

You remove your hands, and bring your fingers to my mouth, and you paint my lips with the sweet juices of my own pussy. You push slightly, and my mouth opens, and I suck on your finger, watching your eyes. Those incredible blue eyes. Tugging your finger out, your hands slide the top down my shoulders and off. There is something so very erotic about being naked before you, you still fully dressed.

Wrapping the velcro wrists cuffs on me, the hooks are already in place. You bring each arm up and hook me to the loops on the doors. You tap my inner thighs, making me spread my feet wider apart. You tuck my hair behind my ears, and slide the new purple velvet and satin blindfold over my eyes, kissing me gently as you do. You talk to me during all this, telling me what you are going to do, how wet I am, what a good little slut I am.

You step back, and pick up the heavy flogger. Again, your skill shows. You start slowly, then pick up the pace and the intensity of the blows. Over my breasts, tummy, inner thighs, up into my pussy. Your hand massaging and stroking me in between strikes. I find myself alternately arching my back, thrusting my breasts out, then pulling back, the blows intense and hard at times. You strike each breast with a powerful stroke, and stop.

I feel it, what I felt with you before. My body, on the edge of what I can take, the pain echoing through my body, the endorphines and adrenalin pumping through my blood. After a moment, your hands grab them, massaging them gently, your thumbs flicking over the hard nipples.

Pausing, you put clothespins on my nipples, several on each.

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