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Kalpana re-lives her day with Shyam.

The ship was decorated with colourful flags and all we were missing was a horse. There wasn't room for one, but Palomino was patiently waiting in a police trailer downtown, somewhere out of sight. Police horses are great for Sinterklaas; they're used to big crowds and they're very calm. The 'Horse Pete' is pretty much always a police officer from the mounted division. If some lunatic decides to have a go at Sinterklaas, this guy will have him in handcuffs in a matter of seconds.

"How do I look?" I asked, with my arm around Martin as we watched out across the water. The canal would lead us to the 'Old Rhine', which used to be the Rhine that you're thinking of until a flood in 1163 changed its course. We were about twenty minutes away from Leiden, but we were in no hurry at all. Sinterklaas is supposed to be late.

"Very cute, Katey. Which is nice, for a change. I'm going to light the fire, so we'll arrive with a nice trail of smoke."

And with that, he opened a hatch and disappeared into the engine room.

Ton turned on the radio on the bridge and tuned into Leiden Lokaal FM. We could hear a live broadcast, which included Esther. Hundreds of families were gathering along the canals, in anticipation of our arrival. The news we were having some difficulty finding Leiden this year had not escaped several young kids, who told Esther and her fellow reporters they were quite nervous about it. The fact Palomino was AWOL was the talk of the town, at least amongst five year olds. Meanwhile, marching bands played St. Nicolas songs while the mayor was interviewed and told everyone he had been in contact with Pakjesboot 4 and that everything was under control. Probably.

I love that spiel. Some Petes were already in town, making sure they popped in and out of busy places, like they were part of some reconnaissance force. Their appearances brought extra tension to the narrative on the radio. Someone's seen a Pete! Yes, we're sure! Keep an eye of the rooftops!

Meanwhile, a radio in someone's pocket began to chatter. One of the firemen pulled out a walkie talkie the size of a brick and stepped away to the back of the ship. That conversation didn't take long.

"WILLEM! We have a code 4 on the airfield."

"Jesus Christ, what?!" asked Sinterklaas.

Valkenburg naval air base lies just outside Leiden. It had been in use by the Royal Netherlands Navy up until 2006, for their Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft. (I once did a school report on it.) When the Orions were sold to Germany and Portugal, the airport was more or less redundant, but it was still operational for emergency landings and military operations. Even though Schiphol Airport is nearby, there are presumably problems they prefer to handle elsewhere. And I have no idea what a code 4 is, but apparently it requires the presence of a senior fire department officer because Willem said:

"I have to get off this ship. As in: right now."

This caused some commotion. Mrs. Bloothooft wasn't on board, but she was notified by phone and she had a spirited discussion with Willem while he was taking off his outfit. We were told one of the patrol boats that would accompany us into town was on its way to take Willem to the shore. We were surrounded by grassland here, so if we let him off here he'd be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

"Who is going to be Sinterklaas!?" asked just about everyone.

"Look, I don't know. I'm sorry, okay? Scrub off one of the Petes. Or let Ton do it!"

"I.. I... r... r... really d...d... don't th... think that... that... is a... a... good idea," stammered Ton. Well, now we knew why he was always so quiet! A small, grey rubber boat with a blue flashing light came from the direction of Leiden, with two men in frog suits. Any kids that fell into the canal right now would presumably be in serious trouble. Willem had his regular clothes with him and before long we were all holding one or more pieces of the Sinterklaas outfit. One of the Petes was washing his face in the galley. I had a look.

"You have a moustache!" I exclaimed

He looked like barber

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