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Amy and Wendy continue their careers as nude models.

I had always been gentle with her because the Reverend had been dominant and she craved a softer touch. But I didn't feel like being gentle right now. She didn't complain, though. She kissed me back, opening her mouth to me. I probed her mouth with my tongue and bit her lips. Letting go of her left arm, I reached down and grabbed her left breast, squeezing it in my hand, then finding her nipple with my fingers, I pinched her. Not too hard, but harder than I normally would have. She moaned and started to squirm under me. I couldn't tell if she liked it or not. I didn't care at that moment.

I could feel cum leaking out of my cunt as I straddled her and I secretly hoped it would drip onto her and get her pregnant, too. It would serve her and the Reverend right if she got pregnant by another man. Let them see how they liked forced impregnation. I ground my pubic bone against her as I kissed her. I moved my mouth to her nipple and sucked as I kept her pinned down. She moaned louder then. She didn't fight me, so either she liked it, or she knew I needed this and she wanted to keep me happy.

The cuffs were still attached to the bed from when I'd been cuffed earlier. I grabbed a cuff and cuffed her left wrist before she knew what was happening. Once she realized, she started to struggle against me. But with me straddling her and one arm cuffed, she didn't have much leverage and I was able to get her right wrist cuffed without much difficulty. She could have yelled out for the Reverend, but she didn't.

I sat up, still straddling her, and looked down at her. She was breathing hard and watching me, but she didn't say anything. She was just waiting to see what I would do. It's not like I could escape. The bedroom door was locked and the Reverend would stop me if I did manage to get out of the room. But escape wasn't on my mind right now. Right now, I just wanted to take my anger and frustration out on Sheila.

Now that my hands were free, I ran them over her body, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. I moved my right knee between her legs, forcing them apart, and pressed my thigh against her mound as I kissed her and grabbed her flesh in my hands. I bit her neck and ran my tongue over her chest, finding her nipple with my mouth. I bit down and she yelped quietly, but still didn't draw the Reverend's attention. I ran my hand down her body and between her legs. She was wet. I slid a finger into her, then two, coating my fingers in her wetness and rubbing it over her labia and massaging her clit. She wriggled against my hand, her breasts heaving.

She was enjoying this more than I expected. I roughly shoved 2 fingers into her and pressed them in deep. She gasped. Then I had a thought. I pulled my hand out of her pussy and reached down to touch myself. I loved the feeling of her pussy juices on my shaved pussy lips. I rubbed her scent onto me and then dipped 3 fingers into my slit. I felt the cum that was still inside me from an hour ago. I played with myself while I sucked on her nipples. I slid a fourth finger into myself, coating my hand in my own wetness and the semen of half a dozen men. The feeling drove me wild. I loved feeling cum in my own pussy. I nearly came, but then remembered why I was fingering myself.

I pulled my hand back out of my cunt and kissing Sheila on the mouth, I slid my fingers into her pussy, spreading the ejaculate around her vulva and into her vagina. As soon as my hand touched her, she tried to move away. She realized what I was doing and she struggled against me. She strained against the cuffs and cried "No! Kristen, don't!" I pressed my fingers further into her, enjoying feeling her struggle against me. I knew it was wrong, but the thought of other men's cum in her pussy was turning me on. Afraid she would finally cry out of the Reverend, I clamped my other hand over her mouth. I had her right leg pinned down with my leg and only her left leg was free, but it wasn't enough leverage for her to fight me off.

I returned my mouth to her nipples, sucking each

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