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A strange relationship gets even stranger.

Ariana took a step in the direction of the approaching woman and smiled.

"Hello, are you Miss Ariel? The daughter of Ian?" Ariana asked as she open her arms to hug her.

"Yes, I am. You must be Mrs Hendricks." Ariel smiled returning the hug. Then looking at the handsome man standing behind. "And is that Gareth?"

"Oh where are your manners boy?" Ariana tease her son seeing that he was almost struck dumb by the beauty in front of him.

"He's usually more talkative." Ariana turning back to Ariel and taking her arm. "And you dear please call me Ariana, I have been divorced from Mr Hendricks for a long time now." Ariana smiled.

"Hi, I am Gareth." He introduced himself, finally finding his voice.

"And I am Ariel." Ariel had to suppress a giggle. "He is really tall and handsome." She thought to herself before deciding to shift the conversation to the reason for this meeting.

"Ariana, my dad wanted you to have this." Ariel took out a package that looks like a book and handing it to Ariana. " He left specific instructions to contact you in his will. And that this item to be handed to you personally."

Ariana could not prevent a tear from falling down her cheek as she took the book and held it close to her chest. "I will read this later. Can you take me to see him?" She asked Ariel.

"Sure, just follow me." Ariel smiled and began to guide Ariana through the gates of a Christian Cemetery.

Gareth knew that it was so wrong to be ogling the back of the Asian woman walking with his mother but he just could not keep his eyes off her beautiful figure. Her breast looked perky under the elegant blouse, he guessed that she was about a 32B. And her ass fitted so snugly in her jeans in a near perfect upside down heart shape. He started to imagine how her beautiful legs would feel wrapped around his waist as he pounds her.

"Gareth? What are you thinking about?" His mother's voice bringing him back to the present. He suddenly felt like a pervert for having such thoughts while walking in a cemetery.

"Nothing mom, just trying to understand what's all this about." He replied.

Soon enough the small party stopped at a peaceful spot in the shade of a nearby tree. A marble headstone marking the grave. The earth around the grave clearly indicates that the grave was a fresh one. Ariana took a few steps forward and look down at the headstone. It read :


Born 19 December 1972

Died 26 June 2042

He waited all his life.

He is still waiting.

Ariana could not stop the tears now. "Oh my darling Ian bian."

She caressed the headstone gently. "I am so sorry baby. I am finally here now. Wait a little longer and I will be with you soon. And you don't have to wait anymore."

Ariel stood beside Gareth watching the older woman starting to sob silently. Her own tears started to fall.

"Do you know their story?" Gareth quietly asked Ariel.

"I read a bit of my father's diary. It seems that he truly loved her." Ariel replied wiping the tears of her cheeks.

"Although your mom kept pushing him away, he loved her so much that he kept coming back. When your mother threatened to cut all ties did he finally agreed to be friends. But he still continued to love her regardless."

"His last words were that he regretted that he could not see her nor hear her voice one last time before he passed. I have never seen love like this, he loved her since the age of 42. The diary that I passed to her was the last one he kept."

"He kept wishing he could go back in time to change things, to undo the mistakes he made." Ariel added.

Ariana then stood up and turned towards Gareth. "Son when I die, I want to be buried next to him. You must make sure of this."

"Mom? Who was this man?" Gareth softly asked the grey haired lady.

"He was the only man that ever loved me." Was all Ariana said.

She then turned to Ariel and took Ariel's hand in hers. "Thank you dear."

"Ariana, I was with him when he passed." Ariel said."His last words were tell Ariana that Ian loves her."

"I didn't know about the diaries until the reading of t

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