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Charlotte gets taken by a mystery man.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," he moaned as he reached further until her huge young tit was in his hand. He squeezed and felt it all over, it was so firm and magnificent and he could hold out no longer.

"AAAAAARGH!" he cried as he lost all self control and without any warning instantly came in his trousers. The relief for Walter was out of this world as he felt load after load of spunk pumping from his cock filling his underpants.

It was only a moment until Mandy realised what had happened as she felt the wet patch that was forming seep through his trousers and soak into her skirt.

"Oh!" she cried as she lept to her feet and looked down to see what had happened. He sat there with his mouth open gasping for breath, saliva appearing at the corner of his mouth about to dribble down his chin. He looked so disgusting with the huge wet patch soaking through the crotch of his trousers, he must have needed it so badly, it looked like he'd wet himself.

Mindful of what had to be done she continued with the act. "Oh!.....Oh you poor thing, I'm so sorry that was my fault," she said, "what can I do?" She paused a moment before saying, "here better get those soiled things off."

As Walter came back to reality he suddenly felt embarrassed, but she was so sympathetic and understanding that he soon felt more at ease and found himself relishing the moment.

He rose to his feet undid his belt and his damp soiled trousers fell to the floor followed by his spunk sodden underpants. Mandy crouched down to gather them up for him, as she straightened back up she noticed his tiny dick was pointing straight out from under the bottom of his shirt.

"Oh you really do have a problem don't you," she said to him, "I didn't realise I had that affect on you, I feel terrible for getting you into this state......... i...is there anything I can do to help you?"

The courage he never thought he had seemed to come from within, he looked her up and down and simply said, "oh God yes." He turned his back to the table, placed his hands on it and lifted himself on. Now sitting on the edge of the table he parted his legs and waited to see what she would do.

She dropped his clothes to the floor and moved forward until she was standing between his open legs. With his mouth still hanging open he drew in a deep breath as she took the bottom of her t-shirt in her hands and pealed it from her body and off over her head. As she dropped it to the floor she looked him in the eyes, he was completely mesmerized by her overwhelming beauty.

She pouted her full lips in a teasing manner as she placed her soft hands on top of his scrawny white thighs, her touch sending a tingle through his entire body. The words she uttered next were words he thought he would never hear.

"Y...you can touch my tits if you like, I know you want to," she whispered in a seductive tone. She ran her finger tips up his thighs and arched her back which thrust her tits and ass out even more.

"Oh God...." he whispered as he placed his grubby trembling hands over her white lace bra and began to squeeze. As he groped and mauled the wonderously huge mounds she reached behind unhooked the back and let the shoulder straps slip down her arms as the bra fell away.

There they were naked before him, firm proud and incredibly huge. He lost all of his inhibitions as he grabbed her around the waste pulled her even closer and dived into them. He licked sucked and chewed them all over, his head darting from one to the other squashing them against his face.

"You poor man," she again said to him, "I feel so sorry for you, I'm just glad I can help."

Her patronising sympathy fell on deaf ears as he continued his assault.

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