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Lis prepares for her final showdown with X.


Chris just laughed and sat the container on his bunk. "Where are they?"

"TV room."

Chris went down first and sat on the couch opposite of Mary and Jasper. Jasper looked at him and smiled, then moved over to Chris' couch. Bill came in and sat next to Mary. There were a few other men with their families in the room. They could hear some in the kitchen. Jesse came by with his wife. "Jasper, you know I like you, and Chris you too, because we work together, but please no kissing with us around. We don't mind that you are gay or anything, but it is weird and there are kids running through." Bill hit him. "Ouch."

"Stop being an ass. They can do anything they please." Bill had been teaching his follow firemen over the last few years to accept men that are gay, because if they didn't, he would beat their asses. Most of the guys really didn't have a problem with homosexuality.

"Don't worry about it, Bill. It is okay." Chris responded.

"No man it isn't okay. You have just as much right to hold Jas' hand as any of these guys in here have to hold his girlfriend's or wife's hand." Bill raised his voice so everyone in the room could hear him. Nobody said anything after that. Chris just looked at him. He decided when they were alone he would have to ask about that, having never had anyone want to stand up for him before. Chris knew it was more for Jasper than for him, but he was still amazed.

They continued to talk for a long time. Chris and Jasper did hold hands. They would talk to one another for a while, then Bill would bring them back into Mary and his conversation. After Bill had brought everyone some coffee and Mary some water, Jasper looked at the water. "Mary, you love coffee."

"Yeah, but it has been messing with me lately, so I'm trying to give it up." Mary looked over at Chris, to try and change the subject. "So Chris, where are you from?"

"Not too far away, Eastchester."

"Really, I grew up there. Did you go to Tuck or East?"

"East, class of 2004."

"Wait, Christopher Allen Johnston, extreme geek and helluva track star?"

"GEEK?" Jasper turned to Chris, Chris smiled.

"Yeah, kind of."

"Kind of? You were the smartest guy in the whole fucking school, and you didn't show up for your Valedictorian Speech. Everyone couldn't believe you didn't show. What happened?"

"I just didn't show up is all. It was for the best." Mary didn't push him. She could tell that it bothered him that she knew who he was. "Anyone need a refill?" Chris got up and grabbed his cup. Everyone said they were okay, but Jasper got up to follow him.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Jasper, I am."

"My Dad is the same way; he will have nothing to do with me either. If you ever want to talk about it, I'm here for you." Chris just smiled and pulled him by his hand out into the engine room; Chris backed him up to the wall and kissed him. "Wow, what was that for?"

"No reason." Chris smiled.

"Chris, can I ask you something?" Chris nodded his head. "You were a geek and you became a fireman?"

"Well, yeah, I didn't want to follow my father's footsteps after he threw me out, and I liked helping people out, so I decided to become a firefighter."

"What does your father do?"

"He is in finance, but it doesn't matter now, I love my job." Chris tried to change the subject by pulling Jasper back to him to kiss, but some kids walked in to climb on one of the fire trucks, so Chris and he broke apart quickly. They walked back through to the kitchen and found Bill and Mary standing there.

"Hey where did you two run off to?" Bill asked, both Chris and Jasper smiled. "Never mind." They sat at a table and Mary pulled out a few things from the bag she was carrying with her. "You brought cookies?"

Mary just smiled and opened the container. "You know you are just a little kid, Bill."

They all laughed and talked for a little while longer, until the tones went off and all the guys jumped up and ran for the trucks and left.

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