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"And what do Borealans concern themselves with?" Eriksen asked, running his fingers through her hair to dislodge the more stubborn suds.

"Borealis is a hostile planet, you kill to eat and you fight to live, we have no time for comforts and pleasantries. That there is a shower, and that it works, that is all we need."

"Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but we've had shower heads with multiple settings for going on six hundred years now. I don't think 'not having time' is a valid excuse."

"This is the problem with humans," she said, Eriksen rolling his eyes as he carefully rinsed her ears. "Technology is supposed to make you stronger, more efficient at what you do, but humans are so advanced that they have become dependent on their tools. It makes you weaker, less capable."

"I'm going to assume that you've never seen what a battleship with a nuclear payload can do to a planet," Eriksen scoffed.

"A rifle can help you to hunt, but you should be able to hunt without a rifle, you understand? You might be able to destroy a planet from orbit with your spaceships, but where would you be without them? One of ours can take ten of yours in a fight, that's why you need us so badly, that's why you want Borealans for your armies."

"So you're saying that we can't survive without our technology? Probably true, but it's redundant, because there's no way to take it from us. We're a multi-planet species, we inhabit dozens of worlds and we have a fleet made up of thousands of ships, maybe back when we were confined to Earth a collapse might have been a possibility but now we're essentially immortal."

"Yet you fear the Betelgeusians, and you rally the Borealans and the Krell to fight them."

"The bugs are everyone's problem, you should be thanking us for protecting Borealis, you guys are right next to contested territory and you didn't even have space travel when we made contact with you. How do you think Borealis would fare if a bug fleet decided that it looked like prime real estate? They wouldn't even need to land, they could exterminate your entire species from orbit and you wouldn't have been able to touch them."

She tensed as if she was about to go on a tirade, but he continued hastily.

"My points is, you need our ships and our technology, and nobody would put up with you furry psychopaths if you weren't the most dangerous things on two legs. I don't know what's happening on the front, I'm just a glorified delivery man, but the Coalition is all about banding together against common threats. You don't need ships if we can provide them, we don't need to be warriors if we have you, there's such a thing as a mutually beneficial relationship you know. For fuck's sake, why am I bothering? You see every relationship as a goddamned fight for dominance, don't you? Even the UNN couldn't drill it out of you, that's the reason you're here robbing me, instead of hitting on terrified recruits in a bar somewhere."

"I told you, the UNN would have me clawless, it was my choice to leave the integration program."

"Yeah yeah, I remember, but the galaxy is changing and your people are adapting. Within a single generation you've discovered that you're not alone in the universe, and you've been thrust into a galactic war, I get how jarring that must be. But that's the reality, and if you can't adapt you'll be left behind."

"Enough of that," she announced, "you're spoiling my good mood."

Eriksen suppressed a sigh, and finished washing her hair, replacing the shower head when he was done. She seemed pleased, and ran her claws through it, preening as he watched her.

"Every day I discover things about you that just make me want to keep you for myself more than I already do," she said with a smirk, turning her head to look back at his reddening face.

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