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Liz takes a more hands-on approach.

We step off the elevator and head toward the stacks on the fifth floor. We know these shelves by heart. The letters and numbers represent memories...

ML410.W14...The copy of Tristan and Isolde I handed to you, and your large, pale hands grazed my slim, caramel-colored ones for a bit too long. My breath caught when your fingertips traced the back of my hand in a gentle, soothing motion. Our eyes met and held. This is when I first knew you were attracted to me. It was almost as if you could sense the loneliness in me...maybe because it is the same loneliness that is in you.

With others, you are introverted, quiet and bookish. The tall, lanky one who is constantly brushing his too-long hair out of his green eyes. With me, in the stacks...You are a man.

Once we are far in the stacks and fairly hidden, I run my hands through your dark hair. I stand on tiptoes and kiss you deeply. My usually curly hair is straightened and in a ponytail. You pull it back slightly as our tongues mingle. I feel your member harden as you press closer and start to suckle my neck. Suddenly, I remember what we came here for.

"I said I have something to show you."

"What?" You have a lazy smirk on your face and a twinkle in your eyes.

I stand back and pull up my pencil skirt, to flash you my bare pussy. It is neatly trimmed.

"Mmm, you mean you haven't been wearing panties all day? That is so HOT!" You reach for me but I tease you and pull away playfully. Finally, I succumb.

I let your thick, pale fingers reach under my skirt and finger fuck me. You put one finger inside my cunt, then two. I moan in response, and begin to writhe against your hand while your thumb manipulates my clit.

"Ooooh, baby..." I start to thrust up and down on your fingers, moistening them fully, getting myself off good. With your other hand, you reach under my white, button-up blouse, and give one of my 36C tits a firm squeeze.

Some minutes later, when you feel the spasms, you know I have cum. I immediately drop to my knees. The cool air conditioning whooshes under my skirt, past my bare pussy. It causes me exhilaration beyond belief. I tease your dick through your slacks, rubbing it up and down with my hands. You hold your head back and moan, eyes closed. I unzip your pants and take out your rock hard cock.

"Mmm, I love it when you get really hard for me."

I circle my tongue around the head, then I swallow the whole thing. This always brings out your dirty side.

"Oooh, yes...Suck my cock..." you murmur between moans as I slurp away hungrily. My pussy is still wet, and sucking you off is just making me wetter. My head bobs back and forward and I am moaning with you. You pull my ponytail which gets me so excited! I do my secret move that I know makes you cum in 0.5 seconds. Then you pull my head away.

"Oh no you don't. I want this to LAST."

You partially pull up your pants and hobble/walk me to a more secluded area of the stacks. A study carousel near a window. You hurriedly pull back the chair and slam yourself down in the seat, cock protruding.

"Sit on it," you command me. I happily oblige.

I pull up my skirt and straddle your lap, easing your hard cock fully inside my soaking wet pussy in one smooth motion. Then I squeeze down and begin riding you.

"Oh yes! Ride my big dick..." you egg me on.

I start off slow the way you like it, grinding against your cock with my pussy.

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