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A capital university student looks at his life.

But still sitting there in my short skirt and thin blouse turned me on even more. The future would definitely hold some bar room games I knew. In the mirror I could see my nipples pushing against my blouse quite plainly. No one could miss them! I slipped off the stool to the ladies room.

The tiny ladies loo was empty as I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. My face and chest were flushed, adding a bright color to my cheeks. I couldn't help it, I raised my skirt and slipped my hand to my bare pussy to play. God I was horny...and wet! Gently I played with my clit. I didn't want to end up with a moaning, screaming orgasm right here! Right to the edge I played and then forced myself to stop. I was so wet. I dampened a paper towel and used it to clean myself up a little, at least wipe up the leakage.

I was ready to complete my mission now. Quickly I finished my drink and left the bar.

I wandered the mall, looking in shoe store windows, trying to find just the right combination of sexy shoes and salesperson. After window shopping about 6 stores I finally found what I was looking for.

I entered the store and started to select shoes from the display. There was only one other customer at the time, and she was checking out. The sales girl was young, I guessed maybe 19 or 20, and very pretty. She had blonde hair to just off her shoulders, cut very similarly to my soft brown style. She was about 4 inches taller than my 5'2, and maybe a little on the thin side. Her uniform of black skirt and red cotton blouse was attractive on her, but far from sexy. When she finished with the other lady she approached me to assist. Her nametag identified her as Lisa. Of course she had beautiful blue eyes, the color I would have like if I could trade my brown in.

I introduced myself, holding my hand out to her, "Hi, I'm Jackie."

She was a little timid in taking my hand, but replied with "I'm Lisa, how can I help you?"

I wanted to say make my fantasy come true, but just told her she could help me find some really sexy shoes.

I picked out about 5 pair for her to get for me and took a seat. The fitting chairs faced the rear of the shop and the stocking area and I selected one with a footrest stool in front of it. I propped my foot on it and waited for her to return. She came out of the back with an armload of boxes that she placed on the chair next to me. I don't think she noticed at first the way my shirt had slid up my thigh to reveal the top of my thigh highs, lace and bare skin showing. As she took a seat on the stool and reached to remove my shoe her eyes got wide and her face flushed red! Quickly she looked away and fumbled with a box. Then slowly she returned to her job, eyes cast down and looking only at my feet she slipped my old shoes off and the first of the new ones on. I stood up directly in front of her, then stepping over the foot rest tested the new shoes with a walk across the store.

"These feel pretty good", I told her, "but I want to try the others too".

"Yes ma'am" she replied

Ma'am I thought, crap I hadn't even turned 30 at that time, what was she calling me ma'am for!

I sat back down, this time being sure to be extra careless about my skirt. Maybe I was just being mean now, but this girl was going to look at my naked bare pussy! Again she focused on my feet as she change the shoes for a new pair. Again I stood and tested the shoes. This time I did a small pirouette as I turned back to her. From her low vantage point I know she had a clear view of my bare butt!

"What do you think Lisa?" I asked.

" They really do look great on you ma'am" she replied, smiling just a little.

Still ma'am but at least I got a smile.

We worked out way through a couple of more pairs before I noticed her to begin to look up as she fitted me. As I sat for the final pair she made no attempt to hide her gaze between my open legs. She looked up to meet my eyes as she slipped a pretty red pump over my heel. Then she blushed and looked down again.

As I walked with this pair s

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