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Lovers in adulterous affair are both widowed.


'While you are on this unit which will be until I certify that you are no longer a threat to women you will remain naked at all times. All nurses are as you may have noticed immensely beautiful and sexy and go naked at all times so as to increase the useless desires of their patients. Many of them are trained registered sadists who immensely enjoy teasing men and thrashing their bottoms so you will be almost permanently spanked. If you show any sign of disobedience or reluctance to co=operate with treatment you will be caned by the Ward Manageress who absolutely adores inflicting pain on male bottoms and I do not recommend it. Perhaps a little foretaste would be in order. Bend over and display your firm white bottom. Now I am nothing like as skilful with the cane as the ward Manageress but here is the first stroke

'OOOOOWWWW' he yelled as the cane bit into his helpless naked bottom like a bar of white hot iron. 'OOOOOWWWW' and the second was even worse the pain flooding through his body in waves of fire.

'That will do for the moment .' said the doctor 'but any sign of disobedience or failure to co-operate with treatment and she will give you twelve.'

'You will be strapped up with your arms behind your back during your time in this unit and a ring will be applied to the base of your cock - Nurse Grace could you please apply the ring? Make sure that it is tight - so that you cannot have a male orgasm until it is removed. During your stay here a lovely naked nurse will be with you all the time with the duty of rubbing and sucking your cock so that you suffer maximum sexual arousal and total frustration and total humiliation as your huge cock bobs up and down in the view of everyone who passes while naked nurses thrash your very attractive and dpankable bottom.

You will be wanked every three hours by our specialist trained expert nurses ...

He had been there for a day hanging from the bar lowered from the ceiling while giggling naked young women passed him and thrashed his sore aching bottom or thrust the vibrator in and out of it.

'Hello Peter' said the lovely young brunette with her huge tits wobbling on her slender body. 'Wanking time again! Now this time we want a really good flow of warm white spunk out of your cock. Marianne have you been massaging his balls properly?'

'Yes' responded the naked nurse who had for the last three hours been massaging his balls with her tender velvety hand as he hung suspended from the ceiling. 'And you showed him your nice hairy cunthole and your big titties so that he got totally frustrated?'

'Yes miss I think that there is a really good build up of spunk in his balls.'

'I certainly hope so! His cock is horribly hard and disgusting.. Now Nurse Marion oops his bottom has really been getting the treatment he has spent the last day in total agony as all the nurses on the ward spanked him.every ten minutes. Still go ahead and give him another spanking while I remove the ring from the base of his disgusting and obscene cock and start a slow steady gentle wanking, There Peter now you are learning true humility as your bottom is mercilessly spanked and a female softly wanks your cock. Nurse Felicity, kneel down in front of him and show your bottom and pussy. There look Peter while I stroke your cock while you hang naked Nurse Marion spank him harder he is not yelling loudly enough and you can see Nurse Felicity totally indecently displayed and you would so much like to fuck her wouldn't you as I gently stroke your cock to get you to a maximum peak of frustrated lust.

Now I have to tick the boxes Nurse Felicity can you get the clipboard and then kneel down again displaying yourself in the most indecent possible manner while we go through the Wanking Control form.

Was the patient fully secured and displayed with his cock and balls on full public view? Tick.

Had the patient's bottom been adequately thrashed so as to ensure constant pain and humiliation? Tick.

Had the patient a large vibrator up his bottom at all times? I think I can tick that

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