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Couple discover the expected on escorted hike.

Clint was staring too and his eyes widened as he realised what was happening.

"What the fuckin' hell are you?" he whimpered, backing away rapidly. "Jesus Christ!"

He turned and fled before Rayne could say a word but this time the vampire let him be. He had the feeling that this would not be the last time their paths crossed. Folding the knife in his hand, he slipped it into his pocket and headed back towards the house, mulling over the new memories he had gained.


The darkness around Xavier seemed too thick, as if it clung to him, made him slow and clumsy, and no matter how he tried he could not see into it. He could hear though...his own breath coming short and shallow, his heartbeat rushing in his ears. He took a deeper breath and held it, trying to hear beyond the small space around him. At first he couldn't hear anything, and then he could make out the sounds of angry voices, the male voice furious and scathing, the woman's voice pleading and sobbing.

He knew where he was suddenly, and tried to make himself smaller. Huddling in the bottom of the closet he squeezed everything down tight and crossed his fingers on both hands, hoping that his mother's boyfriend wouldn't come into his room tonight, wouldn't find him hiding in the cupboard. His back and buttocks were still hurting from the last time.

Rough hands suddenly jerked him up by the arms, yanking him from the closet and through time by twelve or thirteen years. The smell of decay hit his nose and made him gag as he blinked his eyes in the sudden murky light, and then he wished he couldn't see as the rotting corpse that had once been a woman reached for him. He screamed as her cold putrid hands touched him and he struggled as her teeth sank into him. Over his screams he could hear the vampire, Steffen laughing mockingly, his un-gentle hands reaching down between Xav's legs to fondle him roughly.

In his sleep Xavier rolled over and flung the covers off, his body struggling against the nightmare even as his brain refused to let him wake him from it.

The scene changed, Steffen and Jeanette were gone, and he was standing on the London street outside Rayne's house, surrounded by blocks of white houses, the world strangely devoid of colour except for the scarlet that ran in sticky ribbons from his neck down his bare chest. He saw a smudged figure in black and grey in front of him. He thought it was Rayne at first but as he was reaching for him the figure looked up and he saw it was the kid that had been on the front step, his sneer firmly in place, those almost golden eyes glaring at him with hostility.

"See! I told you. He's gone, 'ain't 'e?"

Xavier's stomach rolled sickly and he shook his head. "He's coming back."

"If he comes back it will only be to tell you it's time for you to leave."

"Shut up! You don't know anything!" A sudden surge of rage gripped him and he wanted to beat that smug look off the kid's face.

"I know. I know a lot of things you don't know. I know about him..." He pointed with his chin and Xavier looked. There was a shadowy man that he couldn't really see well, he was cloaked in menace. He wasn't doing anything but standing there and yet Xavier feared him, felt a dread well up in him that was nearly choking him.

"He's going to come for you," the kid whispered.

Xavier was shaking his head.

"No..." He didn't want that man anywhere near him.

"He's going to come for you, and then you're really gonna be fucked." The boy giggled and it was probably the most sinister sound Xavier had ever heard. " 'ere...take this."

Xavier turned his head as something was dropped into his hand. He looked down at a small vial with ashy grey powder inside, and his hand started to go numb, a sweet blissful numbness that rushed up and over him in a heavenly warmth. It made him moan aloud it was so good and he wanted it so much...make the world go away...make everything go away...

He suddenly turned his

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