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Immortals, super-spies, and a twisted foe with a dungeon.

Adam jumped in and fought them. They left rather quickly tail tucked between their legs."

He could feel the tension going through her body.

"Do I have to take that tail part figuratively or not?"

"It was rogues. Adam shifted in front of her. From what I could gather, she's not physically injured but she's pretty shaken up. She's not really allowing him to leave her side."

"Chris, I have to get to her. God, I can only imagine how she's feeling. It will bring back everything!" she exclaimed.

"Bring back what?"

"She's been attacked before. Was beaten within an inch of her life and raped repeatedly. It took years before she even dared go outside again. The only occasions we get her out these days if it's with all us girls and even then she'll never start a conversation with a stranger. She keeps to herself all the time," Mia explained.

"Adam said she was in a right mess, but she passed out once he attacked her assailants, so she missed most of the fight. He took her home and it seems she doesn't want him to leave. She calms down when he's near, so he's staying with her until she gets better."

"Hmmm, at least she has someone then. The other time she wouldn't have any of us around her. I dropped by often without her knowing. I just had to make sure she was coping."

"Well, maybe subconsciously she's feeling their bond," Chris added with a little smile.


"Yes, the mating bond..."

"No way. Bron and Adam? You're saying they're mates?" she asked with disbelief.

"Adam knew right away. I knew something was up Saturday, but I never figured it could be something like this. He just confirmed it over the phone. Probably why he stayed behind when we went down to dance," Chris told her.

"You sure she'll be fine with Adam? I mean, I can be there in a second!"

"If I for one minute thought you could help her better than Adam you'd already be there. But he told me she calms down when he's near her. I bet he's been in cuddle heaven for a while now. It does result in me not having the backup I wanted to have," he replied. "I told him to take care of Bronwille and to call Nick in a day or two. Leaving Bronwille alone right now wouldn't help anyone. Adam is an excellent tracker, even weeks old trails he's able to find, so these few days won't matter. I'd call it in, but then I would have to reveal more then I'm allowed, so Adam has to make that call."

"Who will have to deal with those rogues once he's made the call?"

"Odds will be Nick will call upon Ed and me to sort them out. You know how rogues are frowned upon. Present company excluded," he added realizing she could be considered rogue as well.

"On top of that you'll have my father's issue too," she added.

"You know how it could easily be sorted?" he alluded to the promise she'd asked from him.

"No, we'll keep a low profile until Nick has sorted out this rogue issue, that is if and when Adam reports it. We sort this ourselves. I won't budge on this Chris," she firmly added.

"So that leaves us only a few days to be together until the shit will hit the fan?"

"Depends on how crazy my Da's father is I guess."

"So we just act as if nothing is happening until I hear from Nick, hope we can sort those rogues out fast and then sort out your father's pack?"
"Hmm, that's basically it," Mia agreed.

"Not much I can do then."

Resting her head on his shoulder, she let out a weary sigh. "I really hope Bron will be all right. She didn't deserve this. God only knows how she'll react in a few days. She's a determined little stubborn piece of work, let me tell you that. As frightened as she might be, she's got some backbone in that little body of hers."

"I think she'll have a good match with Adam then. Despite his appearance he's a really nice guy, nosy as hell too and if she's his mate he won't back down until he's won her over, one way or another."

Changing the subject she said, "What about getting our dinner wrapped up and go home? Suddenly I feel like I'd rather be curled with you on the couch and trying to forget about everything that's going to

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