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Entered but unbroken.

On centre stage, of course, were Dawn and Julia, draped in see-through nightgowns, Julia's green, Dawn's pink. Dawn was made up to the nines, while Julia's natural beauty was even starker in the dim light. They let Padma feast her eyes on them.

"Hi darling," Julia said. "Sorry I've been so cruel. But all six of us thought we would send you off in style."

"Orgy time!" Dawn squealed.

Padma sat down on the edge of the bed. I couldn't read her expression. Julia crawled over and put a hand on her shoulder. This was what I had worried about - how Padma would react to the surprise. Would she just yell that this was why she was moving out and slam the door? Or would she join in for one last night of frenetic bliss?

"The boys don't have to be here," Julia said, kissing Padma on her neck. "It can just be us dykes if you want."

It took Padma a long time to respond, but when she did it was with a silkiness in her voice that struck through to my core. "No, let them watch. We should all be together." She turned her head and kissed Julia on the mouth. Both women melted into the kiss with relief.

"Yay!" Dawn proclaimed. She promptly yanked her negligee over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her perfectly nude curvy body underneath. Dawn had never been one for long and slow seduction, or clothes for that matter. She promptly began undressing Padma. It wasn't easy, with the guest of honour firmly lip-locked with Julia, but somehow that autumn sweater got over Padma's head, and her skinny jeans slid down her delectable legs. She was wearing simple white underwear that contrasted with her dark brown skin. Padma looked good enough to eat, but I knew to keep my distance.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who enjoyed the sight. Josh had unzipped his jeans and promptly began stroking himself, his eyes glued to the three women. Simon was a little more circumspect, but was clearly hard underneath his pants. Ellie was just transfixed as Dawn plastered herself to Padma's back and snuck two fingers into Padma's panties.

Julia calmly lifted up her nightgown, revealing emerald green underwear that matched her hair. She put her hand on the back of Padma's neck and gently guided the other girl down her neck and to her chest. Padma let out a ragged gasp as she felt Dawn's ministrations, unseen by the rest of us but obvious by the jogging motion of Dawn's wrist. Perhaps a little overstimulated, my old friend doggedly pressed her mouth to Julia's thinly-clothed breasts. She popped one of those hard, pebble-like nipples out of Julia's bra and took to it with her soft lips.

I felt a hand on my wrist and reluctantly turned away from the sapphic scene in front of me. Simon smiled at me and guided my hand to his crotch. He slipped his pants down and his hard cock sprung up to meet me. At the same time, Simon tugged down my fly and began fishing for my erect dick. I got the idea quickly enough. We began stroking each other in a lose rhythm, all while staring at Julia, Padma and Dawn kissing and touching each other. It wasn't a sleazy lesbian sideshow. It was something that seemed sacred, magical, but at the same time had an overpowering eroticism.

Julia's bra had disappeared in the brief time that I wasn't watching, and Padma was leaving her kisses all over the thin girl's torso. Dawn had finally pulled off Padma's panties, revealing her glistening pussy. Dawn curled two fingers and pushed them into Padma's moist slit. Padma groaned as Julia swiftly removed her bra and began sucking her tits. The two other girl's attentions were clearly getting to Padma, as her normally composed and serious demeanour melted away to hot breaths and pleas for more. It was a side of Padma I had never really seen before, and perhaps never would again.

Simon was stroking my cock and I was stroking his without paying much attention to it.

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