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Finding romance in a small town bookstore.


That wasn't even subtle. I could already see that even if I got past Tyger I was going to have to deal with a very determined Diane. Not that that was necessarily a bad thing. Diane was preferable to Tyger, obviously, and she had strengths I hadn't realized. I was beginning to realize I had been lucky to hold onto her for the three years I had managed to.

"Knock knock," said Marty's voice. I turned to see Marty and Cruiser entering the locker room. They looked like the traditional odd couple...Marty, the soft bean-counting weasel and Cruiser, the leather-wearing effeminate macho man. Still, it worked and it had taken a little of the edge off Marty's at times grating personality.

Marty gave me a once-over. "Damn, Shannon, what a fucking rack you got."

Okay, maybe Cruiser had more work to do. Grrrrr.

Diane snickered and patted my rounded ass, just over my "Bimbo" tattoo. "She's all set," she said to Marty.

Marty nodded. "Good. She's on in five minutes."

Cruiser said, "This is so exciting! I hope you win, sweetie. Go out there and be fierce!"

I giggled at his earnestness. "Thanks, Cwuiser."

Marty said, "One more thing, Shannon. There's no time limit for the prize round. If you do win, you can do whatever you want to the bitch for as long as you want."

"Or her to me. Got it, Marty," I said.

He paused for a second, then said, "Nice bikini. Is this a new look for you?"

I giggled. "It's part of my stwategy."

He didn't look convinced. "Oh. Well, good luck."

"Thanks, Marty."

Marty and Cruiser left. I turned to Diane. "A hug for good luck?"

Diane looked surprised for a moment, then pulled me in and let me wrap my arms around her. She must have felt my trembling because she stroked my hair soothingly. "It's alright, sweetie. It will all be alright."

Finally I stepped back. Shit. I was getting emotional too. Damn that Tyger. "Sowwy," I said.

Diane laughed. "Don't worry, bimbo. I still don't like you, if that's what you're worried about."

I grinned in spite of myself.

I made my way to the ring through the cheers of the crowd.They had adapted quickly to my new look and many whistles and catcalls could be heard over the cheers.

My appearance did have one new element. I had changed my black bikini for a hot pink bikini. Viper had said that I had the element of being underestimated on my side, and I wanted to make Tyger think I had fully integrated into bimbodom. Of course, the ridiculous color felt embarrassingly right, and Viper had told me to be what I was, so I wasn't sure which category this fell under.

I made sure my mental shields were firmly in place as I got into the ring. I could fight the best fight of my life, but it wouldn't matter if Tyger was able to get into my head. Satisfied they were set, I slipped between the ropes and walked to the center of the ring. Tyger was waiting for me.

The exotic gypsy was wearing her usual tiger-print bikini. Her cool smile was in place. We stood eye-to-eye. This is usually done just to give the audience a dramatic moment, but there was no mistaking the emotion emanating from this stare-down this time. The air practically crackled with tension.

Tyger made a show of looking me up and down. Then she said in her slightly accented voice, "I do such nice work. Are you ready to become Shani?"

I gave her a fierce look...well, as fierce a look as a bimbo can give, anyway. "Bwing it on, bitch."

Tyger laughed, a throaty exotic sound. "Defiant to the end. You are delicious, my little bimbo. I am going to enjoy the look of adoration on your face as I watch your intelligence just fade into the background. I will be your Mistress, but cock will be your master. You will live to please."

The referee stepped in then and sent us to our respective corners. I tried to quiet the butterflies in my belly as the announcer made the introductions.

"Ladies and gentlemen! The final match of the first annual Chrystal Heights Women's Wrestling Federation Tournament!"

"In this corner.

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