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The final part of The Singer.

"You can do this. Just a short walk to the clothing second. Borrow something to wear, and then figure out where to go from there," she said trying to psych herself up. She'd be let out right near the accessories like hats and scarves. A short walk through shoes and then she'd be able to find something to put on.

When the doors were open, Suzie was able to exit unseen and began what she thought to be her final challenge.

Although she was slowed down with having to wait in the shoe section for a bit, Suzie had made it and was maybe only an arm's length away from a new pair of jeans to squeeze into. However she heard people approaching from two different sides. She was trapped this time.

When the two people arrived, the both looked Suzie up and down. They were surprised to see the naked girl, just standing there, very still. "Oh it's just a mannequin," one of them marked.

Suzie had done the only thing she could think of. With two people coming, she quickly struck an exaggerated pose and held it, pretending to be an unclothed mannequin. It seemed like a stupid idea, but it looked like it worked.

"Second naked girl we've seen today dude," one of them said.

"I tell you, we're on like some prank show," the other responded.

Suzie couldn't believe it. It was the two guys from upstairs before. Looks like with the idea of a naked girl running around, they didn't want to leave.

"Dude, the girl on the TV was hotter though," one said as he chuckled and gave the other a fist pound.

"Yeah right. This one's rack is way nicer!"

The two of them began to look Suzie up and down. Suzie did her best to not even shiver. She told herself it was all Ok. They didn't know she was real, so it wasn't like they were seeing her.

"This one seems to be clean shaven too man. Totally sweet!" They began to wander off on their own though. Even if Suzie did look like she might have been a mannequin, they probably would have gotten scorn if they were caught ogling her.

Suzie relaxed once they were far enough away. However before she could turn and claim her prize of some pants, she saw marching in her direction her boss. He hadn't notice her yet, so she was able to escape back into the shoe section to retreat from him. When he continued to coincidently go in the same direction, Suzie began to feel like she was being chased.

No place felt safe as the two weaved through the store and all away around it. Suzie never got a moment to really get away from him. She never could go back, and she incontinently always ran to hide where ever he was headed next. Suzie's bad luck was setting her up to be caught by her boss at this rate.

Suzie saw her chance though at the appliance section. A bunch of the washers and dryers had been covered by a tarp. They needed to be repairs, so they were covered. Suzie figured she could hide under there.

"Hey, who is under there?" The boss said as he approached the moving lump under the tarp.

"Oh just me sir..." Suzie said as she climbed over a couple of the dryers. Now she was really trapped.

"What are you doing in there?"

Suzie had to come up with an excuse fast. "Jack misplaced a form. Thought he lost it here. I'm looking for it." Suzie's foot had brushed something and suddenly the dryer she was on started up. Suzie suddenly let out a yelp.

"Everything Ok under there?" the boss asked.

"Oh yessss mmmm... I just accident-accidentally hit somethingggg." Suzie said in a breathless moan. Not only had she been scared by the dryer turning on, but her leg had slipped. She was now straddling the edge of the machine, which with its rhythmic vibrations; Suzie couldn't help but feel the effects between her legs.

"Well just to let you know, I am really proud of how much work you've been putting in. I think I'll not bother writing down you being late today."

"Oh thaaaannnks sir." Suzie couldn't help but let out some moans. She couldn't talk and suppress them.

"I also think that if you show up on time more often, you might be looking at a promotion."

"Ohhhhh thank you sir sooooooo much.

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