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Diana makes a discovery that changes her plans completely.

You quickly dressed yourself and then walked off to the kitchen, leaving me alone to pray you wouldn't overcook my eggs as revenge.

It only took me 10 minutes to wash and dry myself, and by the time I had dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, you had breakfast sitting on the dining table waiting for me. I noticed you hadn't touched your food yet, and as I stepped closer towards the table, you looked up at me with a smile as you patted the chair next to you.

"Come on baby, it's getting cold," you said, lovingly.

I walked over and sat beside you, taking the knife and fork into my hands to devour the feast before me. A plate full of fried eggs, bacon, tomato, hash browns and a tall glass of milk was laid out in front of me. Fuck, you know how to look after me. I love you for that. As we ate together, at some point during the meal, I felt your hand come to grip my thigh and squeeze it gently. Your softly spoken words shot a bolt of electricity through my whole being.

"I love you Brad, very much," you whispered to me, keeping your head pointed down towards the table as you gulped another mouthful of food.

I swallowed what was in my mouth quickly, before responding, "I love you too, babydoll." I smiled at you, my eyes drifting over the contours of your pretty face. You had a classic face; one that would hold beauty regardless of time and age. I was a lucky guy.

I had come to the end of my breakfast when I felt your hand being taken off my thigh. I watched as you waited for me to settle back in my chair, before you took the plate from in front of me, placing yours on top and walked over to the sink. I pushed my seat back and stood up tall, walking over to you for a quick peck on the cheek before I stepped into the long, narrow hallway and took my keys from atop the side table. I heard your footsteps coming towards me and opened the front door, holding it for you as you quickly ducked into our room and grabbed your bag, before stepping out and joining me in the morning sunshine.

It was a perfect day outside. We could hear the birds chirping away and the sound of distant traffic, as the sun shone brightly above us. I had been looking forward to this day all week, and now it had finally arrived. You knew we were going shopping, and I had spoken to you about the plan for the day. I was going to treat you to a special shopping trip that included lunch and a nice stroll through the nearby park. Well, that was the plan anyhow; I wasn't really sure how much we'd get done if my secret plan unfolded the way I hoped it would. But of course, I had forgotten to mention that part to you, intentionally.

We headed towards the car and settled into it, buckling ourselves up before I started the engine and reversed out of the driveway. I turned to look at you and smile before I shifted gears and headed towards the local shopping centre. You returned my smile, reaching out to lay your hand over my thigh and squeeze it gently. You had always been the affectionate type, and I adored that. I was the same and took great joy in feeling your hands on me at any time. I remember back to the first time we made love, you said to me that I had the most wonderful hands and that you wanted to feel them on your body at all times. I have pretty much kept that promise.

I turned to you once again as we drove away from home and said, "You like putting your hand on my thigh when I'm driving, don't you babydoll?"

You looked at me with warm eyes and simply said, "Of course I do. Why? Does it arouse you, sweetheart? Perhaps you'd prefer it on your cock?" I saw the wickedness in your glance as you stared at me for a moment, enjoying my time with you. I couldn't help but respond in kind.

"Is that supposed to be a rhetorical question? I asked cheekily, "or perhaps you'd prefer my fingers wedged between YOUR thighs?"

"No dear, a rhetorical question would involve me asking you if you wanted to feel my mouth on your cock whilst we're stopped at traffic lights," you responded with a sarcastic tone in

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