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The final chapter, as the party begins!

Are you sure? I'm just not sure if I should do this!'

"I am sure. I won't hurt you! I can assure you that I have absolutely no intentions of hurtin' you, sweetie!" she assured him again and gave William a small kiss on the lips to which he thought about it and hesitated.

"Well? What are you waiting for boy?" Jessica asked when her command wasn't obeyed.

William stated `I, I shouldn't really do this! I think I'll change my mind! I don't think this is such a good idea! It's not that I don't believe you, or trust you, it's, it's just that I don't think that I should do this!'

She then lost her patience with him and put her hands on her hips and looked to the window and then to him and said bluntly "Now young William, you said that you were willing to play any game that I had in mind, and now you are tryin' to weasel out of your statement! I can't stand insincere people who say one thing and then do another! I hear enough of that in the South in Dixie where I come from and I don't like it one bit!"

Jessica then walked right up to William and looked him straight in the eye at which he looked downward as he was a little intimidated.

Jessica put her hand on his chin and had him look her straight in the eye and bluntly stated "I'm a woman of my word! I said I wouldn't hurt you! Now it's time to be a man of your word! Now you have two choices young man! You can either nicely take off all of your clothes and do exactly as I say, or I will rip your clothes off and I will outrageously ravish you in the exact same manner as the Prince of Rome" (the son of the Roman Etruscan King Lucius Tarquinius Superbus the Proud) "had done to the Roman Matroness Lucretia!" (The wife of a Roman Chieftain).

`Wh, why are you threatening me?' he asked with a look of fear on his face adding `I didn't do anything wrong!'

"Hardly boy! Let me put it to you this way William:" she said with a smile adding "When I get my way I can be as pleasant and as nice as Momma's home made apple pie, but if I don't get my way then I can be the meanest and nastiest Bitch-Goddess you ever did spy! Now what's it gonna to be?" she asked with an evil squint, with her hands on her hips.

William was scared and tried to diffuse the tense situation with his compliance. `Okay! I'm sorry!' he apologized.

"You're forgiven! Now remove your clothes!" she said calmly and she kissed him again tenderly on the lips adding "You're in good hands! You have nothin' to worry about, sweetie!" He then took off all of his clothes except for his wrist watch to which he pointed and asked `This too?'

"That too!" she replied with a motherly smile as she went over to retrieve a large metallic orange painted steel body restraining frame with four studded orange leather cuffs attached. He became puzzled at this and asked `Wh, what is that for Missis Claus?'

"This is to help me tie you up, young William." she said with a challenging glance. Sensing he was going to be bound he asked `Why are you going tie me up?'

"It's so that you won't interfere with what I am gonna to do to you!" she said to which he responded `And what are you going to do me? You promised you wouldn't hurt me!'

"And so I did William!" she said adding with a smile "I am gonna make you cum!"

`Make me cum?' William asked to which Missis Claus replied with a sexy smile "I think it's time I get the man out of the boy. I would simply love for you to ejaculate in my mouth and watch me swallow all your sweet love-cum, because right now your young dick looks so tempting and I just want to suck it!"

`You can't make me cum!' he said with a nervous half-smile still trying to regain control the situation that he now found himself.

"Oh really! Would you like to make a little bet on that boy?" she asked as she tied him to her upright standing frame by his ankles and wrists with firm leather cuffs adding "I'm no novice at this! I've had oh, a lifetime to perfect my skill!"

`What sort of bet?' he asked.

"Oh, let's say a Ladies and gentleman's bet.

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