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Babbette did as she was told and got on her knees in front of Bobby and sucked his manhood deep into her throat.
Bambi ran into her mother's arms and kissed her passionately feeling up her ass as their tongues danced wildly together. She clawed her fingernails deep into the pillow like cheeks of her mommy's ass. Bonnie quickly reached up and squished her youngest daughter's tit without mercy. Breaking their kiss they watched Babbette suck On Bobby's cock briefly, before Bambi asked, "Can we go over there and join them?"

"You bet your sweet ass we can, honey," her mom eagerly replied. Bambi ran quickly over to her brother's backside and peeled his Speedos the rest of the way down before sticking her face into his scrawny little buttocks. Seeing this, Bonnie went over and planted the sexiest kiss she could muster squarely on his lips. Parting her brother's cheeks widely Bambi stuck her tongue deep inside his rectum as she latched onto Babbette's breasts and rubbed the nipples against her brother's thighs.

Babbette realizing that her little sister had joined her reached a hand around her brother and caressed Bambi's boobies. Bonnie yanked her blouse over her head and Bobby wasted absolutely no time latching onto his mother's nipple sucking it as if he were trying to extract milk from it. Bobby couldn't believe that he had three of the most attractive women he had ever known making love to him and cried out, "Oh, sweet mother of heaven, this is unfucking believable!"

"Mother Fucker, we have only just begun as before nightfall every fantasy of every person in the room will become reality and then some. Oh baby, mother's boobies feel so wonderful in your terrific mouth, but, how about falling to the floor for some real serious screwing around?" Bonnie was loosing control as Bobby had just touched the soaking wet crotch of her silky panties. IN just seconds the four overheated family members were in a large heap in the middle of the living room floor.

Bobby was laying on his side literally ripping off his mother's underwear and pulling her legs apart as he hungrily lapped up her cunt juices. Meanwhile, his mother pulled Babbette's panties off of her cheeks as she kissed every millimeter of the young girl's enormous rear-end. Bambi and Babbette didn't miss a trick and continued to give their brother's pecker and asshole a tireless workout. Wanting to keep this exciting Bonnie requested a change in positions every few minutes and soon each person had experienced every orifice of everybody else in the room.

Their bodies rolled all over the carpeted floor satisfying every carnal desire. As the clock struck noon Babbette was sprawled out on the floor with her brother suckling one breast and her sister suckling the other breast. Meanwhile her mother was giving her cunt a bath with her tongue as she reached under Babbette's legs and caressed Bobby's and Bambi's crotches. Hearing the clock chime she whispered disappointedly, "We had better stop this fun soon as your father should be on his way home, but we will fuck around more later this evening."

Bonnie couldn't stop right away as she needed to have her daughter cum in her mouth one last time before putting things on hold for a few hours. Hungrily she licked and flicked Babbette's cunt until the girl was fucking her face. Soon Babbette flooded her mother's face with her sweet nectar and then the four of them scurried to their feet. Just then they heard the unmistakable sound of Bill's car door slamming and ran for each of their bedrooms and the kids put on their swimsuits as Bonnie threw on a sundress.

As she hugged her husband in greeting she could smell the undeniable scent of pussy juice; she figured it had to be Brenda's. Bill evidently hadn't done a very good job of cleaning up after this morning's rendezvous but it didn't matter to Bonnie as the odor turned her on. She playfully grabbed his crotch and told him, "Fuck me now!"

She walked the few steps to the kitchen counter

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