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Master Flynn acquires two new slave girls.

A busty woman in her early thirties, clad in a torn and tattered blouse and knee length black skirt. Her eyes were glowing in red, with a few visible veins on her face. Her name was Julie Winston, a single 31 year old divorcee who worked as a banker. Obviously these were not the work of a commoner like Julie. Julie was possessed by Demona, an age old demoness and the arch-enemy of the nymph fairy that lived in Masked Girl's ruby. This time, it was clear that Demona wanted to lure Masked Girl out with the chaos.

Demona walked a few steps before being hit by a forceful blow. Before she went down, she caught sight of a pink egg-shaped projectile that was joined to a string. It was Mask Girl's trademark weapon "Pink Vibe". Demona got onto her feet and just in time to dodge a flying kick from Dragon-1. Dragon-1 was faster, having missed his attempt, he quickly reacted by side-stepping the wall, followed by a 2nd kick which landed straight to Demona's back. The force caused Demona to fall forward in Masked Girl's direction. Masked Girl immediately somersaulted and followed up with a frankensteiner-like maneuver, wrapping her long legs onto Demona's neck. Her pussy was rubbing against Demona's face within the fabric of her silk white panties. Before Masked Girl could complete the technique, Demona countered it by grabbing Masked Girl's ass cheeks with both her clawed-like hands, sinking her nails deep into Masked Girl's butt while pulling her pussy close to Demona's willing mouth. Demona gave a hard lick on Masked Girl's groin through the fabric of her panties, leaving Masked Girl moaning.

Sensing his mistress' danger, Dragon-1 groped Demona from behind, squeezing Demona's 36D tits as hard as he could. Sub-conciously replaying the image of his father, Peter Li groping his Caucasian stepmum, Dragon-1 cringed in guilty pleasure. Demona cried in pain as Dragon-1's forceful hands tore her blouse, revealing the white lacy bra Julie was wearing. Masked Girl threw her "Pink Vibe" in the direction of the ceiling above, securing her position and balance, tighted her grip on Demona's head by closing her legs tight. She had 3 more minutes left before she needed a recharge. Demona sensed something growing harder in size against her ass. Dragon-1 was getting turned on thinking about the previous incident at home. He did not know Masked Girl could read his thoughts while in their superhero modes. Masked Girl felt her juices flow as she shared Dragon's mind link.

Realizing it was no time for personal pleasures, Masked Girl signaled for Dragon-1 to perform his absorbing technique. Unable to resist Mask Girl's orders of any kind, Dragon-1 left his position and crept below Demona at lightning speed. He made a leg sweep, making Demona fall, with Masked Girl's weight enhancing the damage Demona took on her head as she went down. Spreading the villainess' legs with forceful hands, Dragon-1 ripped open Julie's white lacy panties, and proceeded to use his tongue work on the evil. Vibrating his tongue against Julie's clit that belonged to Demona now, Dragon-1 wrote shapes of ancient Chinese words with his tongue onto it. He occasionally gave a harsh lick on her pussy, sucking in cunt juices while he made slurping sounds. Demona was crying in ecstasy. As the demoness moaned in joy, Julie's cries of pleasure were heard as well. Demona felt her strength weakening, and so did Masked Girl. Retrieving her weapon, Masked Girl jumped and flew behind Dragon-1, taking over his place as he made a roll against Demona's body to Masked Girl's previous. With their mind-link, the duo had perfect teamwork that was unmatched. Demona struggled ferociously as Masked Girl inserted Pink Vibe into her pussy. To immobilize Demona, Dragon shoved his cock (pleasure rod) into her wide opened mouth, gagging her and silencing her muffing cries.

Dragon-1 was pumping his cock hard into Demona's mouth, almost as if he was fucking her face.

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