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A cruise changes two lives forever.

He was using his anger and his height, but he solely miscalculated the distance. He hauled back to clock me, but I was inside his reach, ramming my stun gun into his neck before he could react. That is why they tell boxers to keep their guard up, so this won't happen to you. Three went down like a puppet with his strings cut.

Buddy Four had his sense about him, but he was terrified. He saw me coming and he turned to run. I couldn't have that. I flew at him, driving us both into another car. He kept scrambling, but I drove a knee into his gut and dropped a hammer blow to the base of his skull. That was all it took for Buddy Four. I reached down and took his wallet. I walked over to Three. He was the guy with the massive dick. I stomped on his crotch three times hard, then hauled off and soccer-kicked my steel-toed boot into his nuts. He wouldn't be fucking for some time and I heartily believed he would never father children. I then took his wallet from his crying form.

I got to Buddy One and he looked up at me.

"Are you going to cause me trouble?" I inquired sedately. His eyes grew wide and he shook his head. "Good, now I'm going to take your wallet so that I can keep your license and proof of employment so that you will never mess with Cheyenne ever again. I would appreciate it if you never mentioned her, or what happened two nights ago to anyone ever again. Can you do that for me?" He nodded vigorously. "Now please tell that to your other friends. I will take care of Joe. Lay here for two minutes then you can take care of your buddies. Thank you." The guy stared at me like he was crazy. As I walked away, he put his head back on the asphalt and moaned.

I walked past Joe, took the wallet from number Two and sat back down to sort through their wallets. I found my information and piled the wallets up on the hood of Joe's car. Now I went to Joe. I pulled him up, his face contorted with pain. He cried out and looked at me without comprehension.

"Joe, I'm taking you home. Lean on me and we can make it there quickly. Do something stupid and I will drop you wherever we are. Can I take you home now?" He didn't seem to understand my words, so I started him moving without his permission. His good leg scrambled to keep up.

"You cost me my job, asshole," he managed to grind out through the tears.

"I don't blackmail people, Joe. Would you have preferred I make a case for you raping Cheyenne? She was coerced into going to your place."

"Bitch loved it."

"I know. She's a bitch. You fucked her. Your problem was you couldn't keep it at that. You had to make a point and then it became my problem. As you may have guessed by now, I do this for a living."

"Fuck you," he muttered.

"Okay. I understand your anger. It is a hazard of the job."

"You tricked them into thinking I was a sexual deviant," he said through ground teeth. "You ruined my career."

"Joe, I don't blackmail people. I told you what I wanted. All I wanted was the tape, video recording, and her clothes. As I recall, you laughed at me. I then took steps to see to it that you could never hurt Cheyenne ever again. I suggest you get out of this complex as soon as possible, and find a way to make a new life. You're young."

"Fuck you," he seethed.


"I think our conversation is going nowhere. Anyway, we are at your home." I knocked on the door. Before I could knock again, Sierra opened it up. She gasped and took a half step back. Joe's face was a mess and his clothes were torn up.

"Help me get him in," I asked her. Sierra nodded and took Joe by his other arm. We dragged him to the closer sofa. I saw they had arranged the room back to the way it was when I first saw it. I couldn't blame them. It had to have bad memories for Joe. We sat him down and he cried out. He grabbed his knee and kept moaning. I took a few steps back while Sierra tried to comfort him. He shoved her away, cursing and in pain. I hid my smile behind a passive mask.

Sierra moved away from him and over to me. I led her back toward the door.

"What happened?" she whispered.


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