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She discovers the joy of humiliation.

From the lobe I nibble my way down your neck with the occasional flick of my tongue thrown in to make you shiver again. Reaching the nape of your neck I lick the hollow there and then start to nibble a little harder, still tasting your skin between nips until finally not being able to hold myself back I suck a piece of skin into my mouth and bite down listening to you cry out in ecstasy as you throw your head back. As I bite I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back further making you cry out louder. Finally after what feels like a blissful eternity I release your neck and move as if to kiss you again, instead sucking your bottom lip into my mouth to gently nibble it as well.

Meanwhile I release your hair and my hands slide along your shoulders and down to caress your bare breasts, I enjoy both their weight in my hands and the softness of your skin. Slowly, teasingly I start to move my thumbs in unison around your nipples, perfect circles close to but never touching the actual nipples themselves. When I feel the time is right, I release your lip then lower my head and suck one of your now erect nipples into my mouth for my tongue to play with. After a couple of swirls I carefully drag my teeth over that nipple, then bring my mouth to the other nipple and repeat the same motions, my hands still slowly kneading the flesh of your breasts.

As your back arches I slide my hands from your breasts and around to your back coming to rest cupping your ass as I start to lift you off your feet, my mouth still locked over a nipple sucking and biting it. Your legs wrap around my back and I can feel the heat from between your legs as I carry you to the bed. Laying you on your back I bring my hands to your sides and let go of your nipple to plant a deep kiss in the valley between your breasts and then lick my way down your torso tracing a circle around your bellybutton. I bring my hands down along your sides and lay them to rest on your thighs and with just a little pressure I encourage you to open your legs wide for me.

Moving my head to the right I start kissing your inner thigh, now and then licking in small circles as I move closer to your most private and sensitive parts. I love the way you writhe and moan as I lick and kiss closer and closer, and your body shivers with electricity when I purse my lips and blow air softly across your clit as I pass over and start kissing the other thigh. I can feel your disappointment and your hands move to my head to force me back. I push your hands out of the way and continue kissing and licking your thigh, again making small circles as I move closer and closer to the centre.

Finally, when I sense your frustration and excitement are about equal I place my tongue over your pussy lips and taste your heat and juices. For my first full lick I start at the base of your slit and go in one stroke up to your clit, then move my tongue around it without touching it, still teasing you even now. Spreading your lips with my tongue, your juices trickle into my mouth and I point my tongue and burrow deeper into your folds. Again your hands move to the back of my head and your fingers tangle in my hair while you let out a moan of satisfaction and try to press my head in closer. Slowly and deliberately I start to slide my tongue in and out, enjoying your taste and how you feel on the inside. I take my hands and entwine them with yours getting you to release my head and I look up along your body to make eye contact with you. Through heavy lidded eyes you look at me as I move my mouth over your clit and finally start to suck on it.

You cry out when I start to nibble that most sensitive nub, and I alternate sucking and biting feeling you ride waves of pleasure that are flowing through your body.

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