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It wasn't long before a man came over and sat down beside her. He was well dressed, probably in his mid-forties. He smiled at Lisa and they started chatting. He ordered them both another drink. I could see that my wife was having a hard time keeping the conversation going and after a few minutes, the man left.

Lisa looked around and caught my eye. She looked embarrassed. I motioned with my hand that she should take a drink. She lifted the glass to her mouth and took a sip, then a larger gulp.

After a few minutes, she was approached by another man. Again, he smiled pleasantly and they started chatting. He gestured across the room to a table where three other men were sitting and nodded with his head.

Lisa looked over at them nervously, then smiled bravely. She said something to the man at the bar and then followed him over to the table. Introductions were made and my wife sat down. I finished my drink and ordered another. My arousal was growing.

Soon Lisa had another drink going and was the focus of attention at the table. When the music started, it wasn't long before she was up and dancing with one of them. From time to time he put a hand on her waist or along her side. Knowing that he was feeling my wife's firm curves as they swayed back and forth made my cock pound.

After a couple of dances, my wife stood up awkwardly and looked over at me. Then she headed out of the bar. After a moment, I stood up and left as well. I found her standing in the corner of the lobby with a worried look on her face.

"I'm supposed to go back in there, they think I've just gone to the bathroom," she said quickly. She was slightly flushed and with the lip gloss and tight dress looked deliciously slutty.

"So, what's the problem?" I asked. My arousal was mounting by the second as I imagined the men dancing with my wife and feeling her braless body beneath the thin dress.

She looked at me like I'd hurt her feelings. "When I danced with that last guy ... he pulled me against him and ..." She looked down, obviously embarrassed.

"And what?" I asked. I felt a surge of excitement.

"I felt him," she said. "He was, you know ..."

My cock throbbed. "He was what?" I hissed.

She looked away and shrugged her shoulders. "Down there ... he was stiff." She patted down the front of her dress over her hips, as though to get rid of the feeling.

"Go back to them," I said quickly, my mind racing as I considered a change of plan. I handed her the room keys. "I'm going back up to the room. I'll get other keys from the front desk. I want you to invite those guys back up there. Don't tell them we're married, but tell them I'm there so they're not surprised. Tell them I'm just a friend. I'll be waiting for you."

Lisa looked at me, again with pleading eyes. "No, Brian, please don't."

I looked again down at the profile of her nipples pushing out of her dress. I bent down slightly and whispered into her ear: "You're excited by this, I can see it." She turned away, and then I quickly turned and left.
Twenty minutes later, I heard keys turning in the door of our hotel room. I put down my drink and stood up. My hands were trembling.

Lisa came in first. "Hi, Jim," she said, without enthusiasm. "I brought along some friends for ... a party." She tried to smile but I could see she was feeling awkward.

Three men came in behind her. They smiled tentatively.

"Great," I said, trying to put on some charm. This was all perfectly normal, I told myself. "The more the merrier."

Lisa sat down on the sofa. One of the men sat beside her. He looked a little older, with a slight paunch and thinning hair. The second guy sat in an armchair beside the bed. He was tall and slim. The third guy remained standing beside the door. He was younger than the others and didn't look very comfortable. I figured he'd been talked into coming up but wasn't really too keen on it.

"Who wants a drink?" I asked, trying to keep it cheery. "Lisa?"

My wife nodded. I looked at the guy beside her on the sofa and raised my eyebrows.

"Sure, thanks," he said

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