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Mom and daughter and me.

It was so good, I knew I had to share this with other frustrated women, and so the Goddess Club was created." 'That is very interesting, so you now have slaves? How many do you have and what do they do exactly?"

"Everything! I currently have seven positions that take care of both my properties and personal needs. I have one slave that cares for the outside properties, a landscaper /maintenance boy. I have two money slaves that work endlessly to provide for all my financial needs. Both slaves have high paying jobs and of course, live on meager budgets that I have created. Every two weeks, like clockwork, they arrive with my cash. I have one oral slave and one sex slave who remain on-call 24/7. I also have a chauffeur who is also on-call. And of course, my houseboy."

Pointing to the fellow standing silently to her left.

"That is John, he is three weeks into his new positon and he's not likely going to make a fourth. You see Mark, I have extremely high standards and a zero tolerance for anything less than perfection. He knows, as do all my slaves, they are constantly at risk for being dismissed and replaced. Every day I get more and more men pleading for an opportunity to join my stable."

With that, she slightly waved her index finger and John moved quickly to kneel besides her.

'Fetch some tea and cookies, Mark would you like something, tea, water?"

"No thank you, I'm fine."

And with another slight movement of her finger John quietly and quickly got up and left the room.

"You mentioned that John may not make it another week? Why, if you don't mind me asking?"

"John seems to be taking his place for granted, making small mistakes that he knows will not be tolerated. He is a good houseboy but with so many to choose from, I have no reason to hold on to him. Not that I would get rid of him completely, he is very well trained, obedient, and loyal. Most likely just demote him to serve only my house parties or loan him out to new mistresses. We'll see how this week goes."

John reappeared with a tray, neatly on it was a cup of tea and three precisely stacked cookies on a small plate. He moved quietly back to her side and gracefully knelt while extending the tray to within her reach.

"You see Mark; the houseboy position is the one of the most prized positions. The houseboy is privileged by the opportunity to serve me personally, in my home. While I certainly don't need him for any sexual pleasure, he is, of course, always eager and available to please me in that and any other way I wish. But most importantly he is kept very busy, he works 16 hours a day doing every task and chore I assign. Everyday John is responsible for cleaning the entire house from top to bottom, prepare and serve all meals, do the laundry, tend to all my daily appointments and schedules, manage the other slaves, provide all personal services I may want including my daily 2hr massage and at least once a day 1hr foot/hand massage, bathing, etc. John sleeps 4.5 hrs. a night in his cell, and is required to complete a daily 3-hour workout routine. John eats and drinks only what he's been given and only after his work is complete and I am satisfied. If for any reason I wish to punish him, I simply will. Let me demonstrate, John fetch my favorite cane."

"Yes Mistress."

John laid his tray on the coffee table and quickly left the room. A moment later John returned and knelt directly in front of his Mistress. There he presented the cane with his palms open to his Mistress.

"Every slave here knows that at any moment, for any reason, I will beat them or have another slave beat them. I will whip them for the smallest infraction. They must always know their place."

The Mistress gracefully picked up her cane and waved a finger. John instantly got up and took a step back and quickly dropped his pants to his ankles exposing his waist to his feet. He remained bent over from the waist with his hands on his ankles.

The Mistress stood up and took a few steps towards John.

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