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A wife and friend reciprocate with first time favours.

He reaches his hand inside her pants to feel just how wet she is.

Just as I thought he said, "you are soaking wet for me".

"I think we need to lose these," he says as he slowly pulls down her pants leaving her in just her lace panties.

Before she knows it, her panties are at her ankles too.

He holds on to her as she steps of her pants and panties kicking them across the room.

His eyes turned darker and were full of lust as he stared up at her.

"I've never had anyone look at me the way he does she thought."

He stands up turning her around and before he lays her down as he whispers "I am going to kiss every part of your body before loving you," he said.

She thought she was going to have an orgasm right then and there before he has even started.

He laid her back on the bed and slowly crawling on top of her still dressed.

She moans in his mouth as her claims her with another passionate kiss.

"I'm going to kiss you right here," he said, kissing behind her ear.

She thought right then that she would "lose it when he kissed that one spot behind her ear that drives her crazy."

"Then I'm going to kiss you right here," kissing down her neck.

"Now" here he said kissing and licking her right breast before doing the same to her left breast given more kisses.

"Then I'm going to kiss you here," kissing down her stomach till the top of her mound.

"Then" he grabs her right leg kissing down and back up the inside of her leg again stopping at her mound again making sure not to touch her sex.

He grabs her left leg kissing down one side then back up and again stopping at your mound.

"Stop she whispers".

"You want me to stop?" he asks with a devious smile on his face.

"Stop teasing me, please I need to feel you inside me," she said.

"Oh, Sweetheart, I haven't even got started, yet," he said.

She drops her head back on the pillow and sighs.

"I hope you know you are killing me with a slow death," she said.

He rubs his hand up and down her dripping wet pussy.

"Oh, how wet you" are he said.

Slowly he slides one finger in and out and back out of her sex.

"Oh, you are so tight," he says, "I bet you are going to feel so good wrapped around my cock when I fuck you."

As he begins finger fucking her, he slides in a second finger.

As he is watching her lay there with her eyes closed, bucking her hips he says "Oh I'm going to enjoy sliding my hard cock in your tight pussy."

"God just do it already and stop teasing me," she whimpered.

As he's pumping his fingers in and out of her, he bends down and gives one long slow lick from the bottom to the top of her already pussy.

She can all readily feel her wetness dripping down her thighs.

"Is that what you want sweetheart?" he asks.

"Oh, god yes, please don't stop" she moans.

He smiles and said here I thought you wanted me to stop touching you before I even got started.

Continuing licking and sucking her pussy as he pumps his finger in and out, he could feel her muscles start to tighten up around his fingers.

He can hear her moans getting louder.

"God I'm almost there" she whispered just loud enough for him to hear her.

Rubbing her clit with his other hand, he tells her, "come for me, Sweetheart."

"I want you to cum all over my face," he said as he kept licking her pussy.

Then next thing she knew he lightly bit her hard nub sending her over the edge.

She started screaming "Oh god, I'm cumming".

He kept licking and sucking not letting her stop, sending her straight into a second orgasm.

When she opened her eyes, she found him hovering over her not realizing he was already naked.

"Are you OK?" he asked while smiling down at her?

Hardly able to speak, she managed to get nothing but a whimpering "yes" out.

"Ask and you shall receive he says" with a smile on his face.

He bends down and kisses her making her taste her own juices on his lips as he rubs his hard cock up and down her swollen lips.

Slowly he slides his hard cock in her while still kissing her.

He stops kissing her and says "God you feel good", he said.

He doesn't move to

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