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A part two to story one.


I could see her dancing gracefully before me, some distance from the bed, and feel her eyes upon me as I let me hands be guided by her voice. With floating motion over my chest, my hands moved slowly, scraping my nipples with light contact and I wasn't holding back my expressions to the wonderful sensation.

"You're so good Todd, so greedy for anything I offer you, and that hunger makes my pussy all wet. Would you be able to hold back if I came closer and let you see my wet cunt, or would you cum right away? Would it be to much if I showed you how wet I get from dominating you?"

I didn't know what to say. The very thought of her coming close to the bed and raise her dress high enough to reveal her pussy for me was a vision that exploded in my head. I was breathing heavily as if I had been out running for ages.

"Remove your left hand and place it on top of your cock. Don't grab it, just let the palm of your hand soar against the boxers as you are doing to your nipples. I know you want to grab your naughty cock, but you would come right away if you did, and I want you to enjoy this to the fullest, so just let the palm of your hand slide in circles over the top."

I moved my left hand and it felt so intense to finally feel the light touching of my cock head through the boxers. I could feel that there was a small wet stain already and moaned out as I felt how good it was to finally be permitted to touch myself.

"Yes, that's it. Slow circles, nice and slow, it feels so good, and you look so naughty laying there touching you stiff cock. Just look at me, see how I raise my dress for you, so that you get to see what you want to see, my beautiful ass. Just see how well my dress is showing it off, even though it's covering my ass, it really enhances the perfection of it. Gaze all you want, it's permitted to gaze at my ass, it just makes me feel so beautiful in your eyes. Watch me raise the dress some more. Do you think I'm wearing any panties or not?"

Her question startled me, but the thought of her uncovered ass and the sight of her pussy as she would lean forward was breathtaking, and she must have noticed how I stopped breathing for a moment.

"Oh yeah, you're wondering if I have panties on or not, and if I have, if they are sliding in between my lips and teasing my clit too. Nice boys don't get to know, but you're so naughty with your hard cock straight up, so you will get to see. Your hard cock is so powerful, and I know exactly what it needs, probably more than you know yourself. Your hard shaft needs a tight fit around it, and your cock head something wet that teases it with small but perfectly implemented motions. Do you feel the cum in your balls boiling? Oh they are so big and needy, grateful for the attention they will be getting. Just look at my ass while your cock head receives the worthy reward in the palm of your hand. The wet stain is getting bigger and bigger, making it easier to slide all around the head. It looks so good and nasty, I love having you this way."

"Oh God, it feels so good. Please let me take out my cock and stroke it, it's hurting ... in a good way."

"Yes Todd, it's such a sweet powerful pleasure that you are embracing, and I know that you long to grab your cock with a firm grip and let your hand slide up and down. You wouldn't hold back on me, but rather stroke it long and hard to salute me with your glistening thick white cum. Grab your cock through the boxers, and hold it absolutely still."

I didn't wait before my hand was tightly wrapped around my cock inside the boxer coating. I held it still, and watched her continue her dance. The full shape of her ass was showing, and she had no panties on her. That made my entire body shake in anticipation.

"Such a beautiful ass, and no irritating panties to remove either.

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