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House Jaye races to save the world from the tyrant Mareth.

I laid over Numchucks and covered his eyes so they wouldn't shine. Ducking my head and laying still, telling Chucks to be still as we did so many times hunting.

I heard the officer say, "I ain't going in there."

After a few darting sprints across backroads and fences. I made my way towards Longview through the woods. Walked all night to get to Hallsville where I called my Mother and she drove up (from Riverside) and got me. The sheriffs pulled up several times and asked if I was the one having a bout with the wife at the trailer park in Marshall since I was the only one walking along the highway with a big black lab. "Yep. That's me."

Riverside Texas~

The separation lasted a little while till one day Sandra came down while my Mother was up north visiting with my step dads (Al) mother (Mrs. Arnold). The hot tub scene would make a nice chapter in an erotic story so I'll omit that but the reunion began then.

Numchucks had disappeared for a week and came back beat up badly. Chucks couldn't hardly walk and it looked like he had been beaten and dragged off and left for dead. I called Sandra upset and Sandra drove down to Riverside and got me and I went back to Marshall. It took awhile before Numchucks fully recovered from his wounds and always had a gray patch of hair over his left eye after that. His scar.

Marshall Texas~

Thinks were still rocky and after a long while another spat between Sandra and I had me leaving again. With only one car and her at work I left a note and me and Chucks headed home to Riverside on foot. I waited and she never showed so I figured she was mad and off doing something else like visiting the Gambling boats in Shreveport. Come to find out she had a flat and the problem was she didn't have a lock key for the hub caps on the wheel. Someone finally helped Phillip who was with Sandra. (He often went to work with her to stock the cooler and sweep the parking lot for small change.)

Little did I know why she was late so I had loaded up some survival supplies onto a Dolly (hand truck). Tent, rifle, fishing equipment, can goods and supplies. Clothes and hygiene condiments and my raft. My plan was to hike to Palestine Texas then ride the Trinity River home.

Now this dolly idea was pretty good except it took a lot out of you pulling it up a hill on the side of the road. I would grab Chucks collar and he would pull me while I pulled the hand cart and it made the climb easier. Didn't take me long to rig up a harness that worked for Chucks to pull the Dolly all by himself. It was well balanced where he really didn't have the weight on him. All he had to do was walk and pull. Several people stopped and offered assistance but they were in cars and only offered kind words about the sight of this dog pulling this cart. Not offering us a ride to where we needed to go. One man in a truck picked us up and took us to his cut off which was at Martin creek state park.

Martin Creek State park~

This was where we spent the second night of our journey. The first night we stayed at an abandoned Truck stop at highway 43 and Highway 20. But the park offered serenity and a place to camp. The fireplace offered a place to heat the canned potatoes and beans. But the rain kept us in the tent for a day at least. Of course after a rain comes the humidity on a hot sunny day to follow. But Chucks and I took turns pulling the Dolly and stopping every chance we got to drink, rest and or fish.

I recall running out of water and coming up on a house near Tatum and an older black lady was outside watering her flowers when I asked if Chucks and I could get some water and she Kindly allowed me to fill my containers from her water hose and faucet. Loaded the Dolly up with resupplied H2o and off we went again. Numchucks would step into his harness when he was ready to go. As if saying, "Come on, we got miles to travel."

Tatum Texas~

When I reached Tatum Texas I had a couple of days to think about what we had fought about.

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