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From dishwashing to CFNM - day 2 of the new arrangement.

She laid down on her back and crooked her finger at Dinah.

"Just fuck her up," Helena said to Dinah, watching as the blonde got down on all fours. She wasn't dressed quite as skimpily as Kory-Kory's skirt seemed to sizzle up her golden upper thighs with the slightest breeze. But though Dinah's V-neck blouse and fully zipped jacket were modest enough, her hot pants and fishnet stockings were pure sin. It was pornographic to see that ass laid down atop Dinah's folded legs, the lovely creature herself kneeling in the V of Kory's spread legs. Helena popped the button on her jeans-crazy that she was the most modestly dressed of the three, even with her belly-baring top-and saw Kory's face fill with anticipation as Dinah lowered her face to Kory's shorn sex.

Kory's face went funny as Helena grabbed herself through her pants, a low whistle filling the air-but not as effectively as it filled Kory's cunt.

"X'hal!" Starfire exclaimed. Naturally.

"Did I hurt you?" Dinah asked, raising her head. All concern. "That was as quiet as I could go..."

Kory put her hand to Dinah's bleached-blonde head before Helena could. "Then you have to go louder." Kory smiled fiercely. "Very much louder."

Dinah smiled too, just before she opened her mouth again.

"X'HAL!" There was no mistaking the delight in Kory's voice now, even mixed as it was with shock at just how good it had felt. Dinah trilled between her legs, a wild, savage pleasure that shot through her body like a live wire had been touched to her sex. Kory dug her heels into the earth, pushing up mounds of it as she struggled to absorb the pleasure Dinah was feeding her.

Helena sidestepped Kory's kicks, kneeling down behind Dinah. With her head down between those scrumptious thighs of Kory's, her ass was corresponding high in the air. Helena enjoyed taking the opportunity to give it a few slaps, Dinah quailing, struggling to keep the high note she'd hit as her ass swayed from side to side, wincing from Helena's hits. Then, smiling even more wickedly, Helena pulled Dinah's pants down off that lovely peach of an ass.

"Perfection," Helena purred, staring hard at Dinah's tight, pert ass, its well-toned petiteness hidden away not at all but just enough by the fishnets that climbed to her waist. Like a cat at a scratching post, Helena raked her fingernails across that fine mesh of holes as she kissed the sweet curve diving to Dinah's anus.

The Canary Cry rose in pitch. Kory's hands flew to the side, stiff fingers cracking rocks and earth on the ground she laid upon, digging into soil that burst as soon as she squeezed. Finally, Kory flung her hands upward, grabbing hold of a tree trunk a foot from her head. The wood managed to resist her grip long enough for her to center herself. She looked down her own magnificent body to see not only Dinah's beautiful face upon her sex, but Helena's behind Dinah's upturned ass. It didn't take Kory much imagination to figure out what the Huntress was hunting for at the moment.

"Fucking X'Hal!" she swore, "X-" She broke off. She could no longer form words. Not in the midst of her orgasm.

Helena watched Kory's hips pitch upward like an oil derrick, seemingly hard enough to take Dinah's head off, but Dinah would no longer be denied. She stayed at Kory's sex, no longer Crying but suckling and licking at the delicious taste of Koriand'r. Even that was a comedown from the deliciously agonizing sensation Kory had just endured.

Helena puckered her lips again-wouldn't Babs be jealous that someone else was getting their ass kissed for a change?-and then left Dinah with her fishnets hanging in tatters down her hips like a broken spider's web. That was sufficient to rip Dinah away from Kory's flavor, as she looked up to see Helena stepping over her, lying down beside Kory instead.

"Make her come again," Helena challenged, "and I'll go back to you."

Helena's last kiss had been just above Dinah's cunt.

Dinah parted her lips, the dangerous look in her eyes showing she was considering simply unleashing her power on

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