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Mother, son and daughter continue their secret relationship.

There is always the possibility of an hourly schedule but Spencer doesn't want to wait another half hour on a possibility. It is time to move.

He pushes the door open as far as he dared as to not allow any of the light to shine in from the wall sconces and alerting the guard. He has just enough room to slip through the door and allowing Sam ample room to follow. Sam remains at the door, her rifle trained on the man ready in case he became alerted to their presence. Meanwhile, Spencer slips around behind and creeps up placing his arm around the man's throat cutting off the air to his head. Within seconds the man's body goes slack.

Spencer positions the guard in the chair with the magazine on his chest to stage it as the guard fell asleep while reading. He feels a tinge of pain for the man in regards of the headache he would have when he woke up.

"Let's hope he doesn't have a buddy," Sam remarks sliding up beside him.

Spencer nods an agreement as he studies the three monitors in front of him. The first shows an image of the front entrance leading into the room they now stood in. The second of what looks like a laboratory and the third-which interests the agents the most-shows a room full of computers and equipment.

Spencer points to the third monitor. "That's where we need to be. If we can destroy or shut down that equipment it will delay whatever it is they are doing here."

"At least until we can stop Avyanna."


Spencer turns back to the guard. Snores come out softly from the man assuring them he is asleep. Spencer begins digging lightly through the guards pockets careful to not disturb his sleep.

"What are you doing?"

"We still don't know what this place looks like or what kind of security it has the deeper we go. He has to have some kind of keys or a key card."

"Something like this?" she asks holding up a card.

"Yeah, where did you find it?"

"On the desk," she says smiling. "I guess he doesn't leave the desk very often."

"I guess not."

They look around the room using the night vision goggles and discover a door opposite of the one leading to the offices. This one contains just a standard lock.

Once again the door requires Spencer's lock picking skills. He spends nearly the same amount of time of the door as the last and this door leads to yet another hallway. The only difference between them is this one lacks any doors except one at the other end.

The door this time requires a card key. Sam slips up next to him and slides the card she found on the guard's desk through the device. The light goes from red to green instantly. A low popping sound emits from the device a second later and the door pops opened a few inches.

Both agents step back a couple feet bringing their rifles up at the door. When the door doesn't move they let out a sigh of relief. Spencer reaches for the door when Sam touches his shoulder stopping him. "Whatever happened to ladies first?"

He lets out a short chuckle and says, "After you."

Sam gladly steps forward. She feels compelled to take the lead and is glad for it. Spencer has been acting a little more protective of her ever since he found out she was pregnant with his child and it is beginning to annoy her. She pushes the door open to a darkened room. Scanning the room using her goggles shows nothing out of the ordinary. It is circular with five doors set apart about every fifteen feet or so. There is no furniture or anything except the bare floor.

She signals Spencer and steps into the room. The moment her foot hits the floor a feeling of danger shoots through her body like nails across a chalk board. Lights shoot on instantly blinding both agents. They reach up and pull off their goggles tossing them to the side. Blind, neither of the two see the room fill with creatures.


White Island, Antarctica

Mason and Bridges creep through the wintery terrain using the snow dunes as cover.

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