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Hubby's Boss forces Ashley to pay up at party.

That done, I walked them step by step through the analysis. I was grateful that both experts were competent enough to be able to begin to spot the discrepancies themselves. We worked our way through 127 separate time stamp discrepancies, detailing the effects on the prices of various cargos. Individually, none of them were enough to set off alarms, but together they represented a full 2% of the two planet's gross planetary product (GPP).

When I indicated that I had prepared holographic interfaces modeling the discrepancies visually, it was pointed out that we had been going for seven hours, and a break for eating needed to be called. As I stopped thinking about the presentation, my state hit me full force. I cringed visibly from the severe pain in my head and I realized that I was covered in sweat. It had taken physical effort to ignore the pain enough to make a competent presentation (a skill I had learned in a year stationed on Malfease). I staggered to our table and sat down, my vision whiting out in the pain.

Then everything changed. The pain shut off, like a switch and arousal hit me hard and fast. I cried out in shock at the change, segueing to uncontrollable moans as I climbed rapidly towards climax. I was oblivious to my surroundings, lost in a tidal wave of pleasure, as it swept over my with unrelenting persistence. Orgasm hit me in a matter of minutes, an orgasm that seemed to never end. My body shock and quivered, waves of ecstasy rolling over me again and again until the pain, even greater than before hit me like a sledgehammer. I recall screaming in pain, clutching my head as I collapsed to the floor.

Slowly, the pain seemed to diminish. I could feel both low level arousal and barely less than severe head pain. Master's voice called through the sensations. "Slave, are you okay?"

"Master. It hurts. What happened?"

"I was giving you a break from the pain and you entered a constant state of orgasm that was literally killing you. I had to reassert maximum pain to break the overload of pleasure. How is your pleasure level?"

"I feel like I've been fantasizing about hot sex for several hours, but without physically acting on it. It is slowly building, however." I noticed as I spoke that I was covered in sweat and vaginal fluids. The room smelled strongly of sex. I really needed a shower.

"I'll leave you at this level during the break. But you're going to have to return to your headache when we resume. Growing arousal is not conducive to a solid presentation."

"Master, will we finish today?"

"I doubt it. With luck, however, most of your participation will be over today. Then it's up to my skills as a negotiator."

"I don't know how long I can function under a low level migraine. I've never tried to go a full workday before, let alone as long as we're going."

"You don't have a choice, really. Convincing them about the Voratex crystal is actually more important than the financial report. They have to believe that it is possible for a hive creature to betray the hive. Without that, nothing we say will be believed, no matter how good our evidence."

"I understand Master." Well, he did promise me that many of my duties would be unpleasant.

Our food was delivered and we ate well. I was in enough pain and arousal together that I was unable to enjoy what I'm sure was a fabulous example of Halsted cooking. By the time the meal break was finished, I was feeling desperate for sexual contact. Pussy fluids flowed liberally and my nipples were taut. The empty feeling in my cunt was almost unbearable and I was so flushed that I looked like I had a sunburn. I cringed as I saw Master pick up the control and the pain shot up. I moaned in agony and loss as the arousal left me and the low level migraine returned. I felt exhausted from fighting the pain and was running on sheer will power. The delegates returned and the conference resumed.

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