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A different kind of Pirate tale.

And that hole is either your pussy hole, or the word I use is to say it's your cunt hole. Or just it's your cunt. Waiting there for a man to get into. Have you had any boys in there yet Val?"

My whole body felt hot. The talk of my pussy and hole was making me get the wets down there. I could feel it starting to tingle and my small boobs were getting tight in my bra.

"So tell me now... proper words... what the boy did."

"He took his out..."


"He... he took his... took his cock out and rubbed it and it spurted his stuff on me."

"Now say it properly. He took his cock out and jerked off over my belly and pussy. And his spunk went all over my tits. But they didn't cum in my cunt. Say exactly what I just said."

When he said that he put his hand over the front of his pants and I saw him sort of squeeze himself there. His breath was coming harder, and so was mine!

I repeated what he'd told me to say and my face felt scarlet. I could feel the blush right down to my breasts. They felt real tight inside my bra. I was leaking right there next to my Uncle saying cock and spunk and tits and pussy and cunt.

"Did you like it when he rubbed his cock on your slit.?"

"I was scared they'd hurt me or make me pregnant or something."

"Yeah that's right and you gotta make sure no spunk gets in you when you are fertile. Did he fuck you?"

I gasped... shivered at the thought.

"No. He didn't put it in just rubbed it up and down me."

"Now tell me properly."

"No Teddy. He didn't put his cock in... my cunt and he didn't fuck me. They just kept saying "I wanna see it. I gotta see it Let me look. Why, why do they say that."

"Well they are boys. And boys are real curious about what a girl hides between her legs. They KNOW they gotta get inside her panties and she might fight them off. But they just gotta see one and see what it looks like with hair round it. And that pussy hole well, girl, men are just plain desperate to finger fuck it and fill it with cock and shoot their spunk in there. It's just because they're men you see. It's what men have to do to a woman."

Teddy was gently rubbing my arm and his head was close to mine and he was talking real soft. I could feel his breath on my neck and I kept shivering.

"One day, Val, you are gonna want a man to take your panties down and you will be desperate to get cock inside you. You will be begging that man to fuck you and fill you with his spunk if you really really like him a lot."

I gulped. "Men only want to put... their...their cock up me and do it to me you mean?"

"Well one day if things turn good, you will meet a boy who really loves you for yourself and for everything you are. BUT he will still want to FUCK you. Now repeat this, boys want to put their cocks in my cunt and fuck me."

Haltingly, with my heart banging like a drum in my ears, I gasped out what he told me,

"Good girl it ain't so hard is it. And when they fuck you they want to fill your cunt with spunk. Gottit?"

"Yes Teddy."

Soon after we went to our bunks. I kept hearing his words in my head. Cock. Cunt. Spunk. Fuck my cunt, and all I could see in my mind was Teddy, mixed up with those two cocks I'd seen. But I couldn't imagine it happening to me. Not IN me like he'd said. I didn't know what it was like right then. As I put my hand between my legs I heard a rustling of bedclothes across in his bunk, only three feet away. The noise was sort of rhythmical and I wondered if he was doing what the boys at school had done and making himself cum. I pictured it hard, just as I'd seen before and I twiddled with my finger on my clit. The noise got quicker and I heard his breath, all heavy, and then there was a low groan.

I had to put my hand over my mouth as I came too.

The next day we sailed further up the lake.

After hours on the lake he headed to the shore and there was another little bay.

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