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Tears ran down Dina's cheeks as she sat down beside the bed. Lightly grasping Leslie's hand. She thought all that had happened this day and could only pray for the best. Her reason for being was because of Leslie, because of her strength. With out her, she felt like she couldn't do this all alone. Not with having just found out that they where to have a child in the next seven months.

As weeks turned into months Dina kept as close to the hospital as she could. Most of the time the nurses would shoo her to go home to get some rest, for the babies sake if not for her own. Always promising that if Leslie woke up they would call. Leaving the hospital Dina deep down knew that they wouldn't be calling. The out look had not changed one bit over the months. She had over heard the nurses one night saying that they where surprised that Leslie had made it all these months.

Tossing her keys onto the end table back at home Dina settles down into the chair slowly. It was taking more and more out of her, between working, the hospital along with getting heavier and heavier in her pregnancy. Now eight months pregnant she knew she should slow down, perhaps tomorrow she would put in for time off at work. Lightly her fingers ran over the large belly as eyes closed. Her thoughts drifting to Leslie and how she would have loved to watch her belly growing.

Dina's thoughts was interrupted by the telephone ringing. With a soft grunt she pushes up off the chair to answer the phone. She was brief on the phone before it was hung up then picked up again. This time she called Melissa, telling her to meet her at the hospital. Then once again she picked up her keys and headed toward the door.

The drive to the hospital seemed to take forever. Her thoughts racing of perhaps her hope and prayers had been answered. Leslie was awake and alive asking for her. A smile formed on her lips at the thought of it. Just as she pulled into a parking spot Melissa pulled beside her, Dina tried her best to move quickly into the hospital. Which was a sight in itself as she waddled across the parking lot.

Breathing slightly heavy as they went up to the nurses station, Melissa told them who they where and who they where there for. The nurse directed them into a private room and told them to wait for the Doctor. With a smile they both headed for the room, chuckling and talking about how good it will be to have Leslie up and going again.

Settling down the two talked while they waited until the Doctor came in. It didn't take long for him and a nurse to enter the room and head toward the two women. Both looked up at them with a smile, though it would quickly fade as the Doctor started to talk. There had been some complications, they had tried everything that could be done, Leslie had died.

Tears ran down Dina's cheek as she turns into Melissa for comfort. The Doctor and nurse had stayed in the room for a few moments more speaking to Melissa. Afterwards they went to the nurses station to collect Leslie's things, then headed off to Dina's truck. Placing everything up into the truck Melissa had grabbed Dina's keys and settled her in the passenger side.

Dina had been so out of it that she had not noticed that Melissa had called a friend on the cell phone to come take her car to the cottage. As they drove there, the long ride was taken in silence. Even as Melissa helped Dina into the cottage, the friend dropping off the keys, then jumping into their own car that someone followed behind with.

Everything had become numb and unfocused. Even as Melissa tried her best to get things settled, Dina didn't say much. When questions where asked it would take a moment before she could think of what the answer would be. Curling up on the couch Dina watched as Melissa made phone call after phone call. All the while making two cups of tea.

It didn't take long before Melissa moved close to Dina, handing her one of the cups of tea.

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