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Susan took the set and as she did so, the girl deliberately touched her hand. Would you like to try them on?

This is crazy, thought Susan, but the girl had turned and walked away. She was so assured that Susan felt herself following. She looked at the girl from behind; her skirt tight against a muscular buttocks; defined legs; definitely a swimmer, or athlete anyway; Susan thought of her own body; how she battled weight, and felt uncomfortably weak. She thought of how strong the girl must be, and how her taut body must feel to the touch. An image flickered into her mind of the girl in a bathing suit.

The girl led Susan into a corridor lined with changing cubicles, and held open one of the doors. As Susan passed, the girl asked; will you be alright?

Susan looked at the girl, caught off guard, wondering wildly for an instant if the girl had read her mind and seen the image of herself lean and toned. Somehow Susan couldn't help looking at the girl's mouth. The thin lips were slightly parted; teeth just visible in the shadow. Susan looked up quickly into the girl's dark eyes. She wanted to say something, but her mouth was dry and she felt uncertain; unbelieving.

The girl, looking straight at Susan, stepped forward and pulled the cubicle door closed. She took the bra and panties set from Susan and hung them on the hook. You'll find it easier to try them on if you undress, she said.

Susan blushed; she felt awkward, suddenly uncomfortable and intensely aware of this girl's physical presence. I... She felt herself blushing; her whole body warm with rushing blood; wanting but not really knowing what. Undress, repeated the girl quietly, but sharply; quickly.

Susan automatically began to undo the buttons of her shirt. All at once she felt hot to the point of sweating and desperate for this girl to see her body; ashamed to want that and frightened of what this lithe young woman might think of her soft rounded self. Susan wasn't fat, but there were places than never thinned out, no matter how many miles she walked.

Susan took off her shirt and dropped it on the bench and stood up, aware of her bare skin and the girl's searching look.

Your jeans, the girl whispered.

Susan fumbled with the buttons; why a button fly today of all days? She had to bend over to push the legs down, then reach out one hand to steady herself as she pulled the legs over her feet. As she bent over, Susan felt the girl quickly unclasp her bra.

She gasped as the girl laid her hands cold and flat on Susan's back to push the bra straps away and over Susan's shoulders which she gripped tightly so that Susan gasped and straightened; her jeans tangling her feet.

The girl pulled Susan forward and kissed her - hard; thin lips pressing Susan's own softer, fuller mouth; her thick tongue pushing against Susan's teeth and between them. Susan was in a daze and for a moment was still, but the feeling of that warm muscle probing her mouth was incredible, and suddenly Susan felt awake and alive, and kissed back, wrapping her arms around the girl; her bare breasts pressing against the girl's shirt, her nipples rasping on the seams. Susan moaned softly, but the girl broke off to shush her, and bent her head to Susan's breasts, which she weighed in her hands, pinching the nipples red and then her tongue slid over them like a wet, hard finger.

Susan tried to pull the girl's shirt up, but the girl batted her hands away and shook her head, not taking her mouth from Susan's breast and then biting it, but not so gently.

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