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Mature lady awakens his passion.

You can make any woman quiver under you if you take your time. If you use your mouth and hands and fingers you can play a girl until she's screaming in need. Until she's raising her hips to get your probing finger even deeper. Until the lips of her pussy are pink and distended, leaking the juices that announce her readiness.

"Hurrrrrry...please hurry," she croaked out suddenly, finally giving in to the demands of her ripe, young body.

There was no need for hurry now. Lots of time to play her until she was screaming for it. Time to arouse every nerve that lined her cunt. Time to wait until her young pussy pulsed out its first cock induced orgasm. Then slow her down before bringing her slowly back up, hold it in, then finally spurt thick cream into her again spasming center.

"It doesn't mean I liked it, liked you," she said between pants minutes later.

"You liked it, Christ baby you're made for it," I grunted, watching my sperm as it leaked from between her thighs.

"I don't like're a pig," she protested as I took one of her hands and placed it around my sticky cock.

"He loves you. Shit, look at him grow," I laughed as I lengthened and thickened in her palm.

"You can do it again?" she asked, her inexperience echoed in her questioning voice.

"Get on top of me. Straddle this," I instructed as I lifted her and placed her so her bum was sitting on my thighs. I moved my hands to her hanging cone like breasts as she slowly rubbed my cock up and down her slit. "Put it in," I ordered, then pulled and stretched her puffy, pink nipples.

"Like this?" she asked as she raised herself up and then slowly lowered her sticky insides over my throbbing monster.

"Oh yessss baby," I groaned as my cock disappeared.

She rode me noisily, grunting and screaming her pleasure as she bounced up and down on my pole. Finally collapsed onto my chest when we'd both come again. We fit together perfectly. We slept.


I woke up, startled for a second to find a body entwined with mine. Then I watched silently as one of Maddy's hands slowly moved down across my stomach and then lightly lifted my penis. I watched for second after second as she explored me.

"Do you like it?" I finally whispered.

"You're awake," the startled teen gasped as she dropped my hardening shaft, then added, "'s ugly, dirty...I hate it."

"Liar," I laughed as I cupped the back of her head and pulled her lips towards mine. She wanted it now as bad as I. Her tongue probed eagerly into my mouth. She impatiently pulled my cock inside her.

We took our time fucking.

"Where were you?" she asked softly as we lay side by side on our backs, sweat produced by our coupling still glistening on our skin..

"Attica. Nineteen plus years," I answered, having understood her question.

"ATTICA! Did you kill someone?"

"Only after I got there," I said, remembering how it had felt to sink the blade into that fat bastards heart.

"What were you in for?"


"You're a drug dealer?"

"I was a fucking dumb, college freshman who was caught with some marijuana."

"You don't get twenty years for that," Maddy protested.

"Not unless you're Sam Perry. Not unless the local D.A. just happens to be in the middle of a tight political campaign. Not unless some crackhead had killed a seven year old kid during a botched robbery just the week before they arrested me. Not un-fucking-less the presiding judge had just learned his favorite niece was down in New York City hooking to pay for her heroin habit. Not unless your lawyer is an alcoholic," I said disgustingly.

"But still"

"But still baby," I interrupted, "while just about every other similar case in America ended up in sentences of time already served or community service, yours truly got almost twenty years in Attica."

"Didn't you appeal," Maddy asked timidly.

"Why don't you cook me breakfast," I ordered, disgusted now at having to relive the memories, then rolled out of bed and stood looking down at her.

"Why should I?"

"This little guy's hungry," I said as I s

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