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Carmela runs into two studly brothers at the beach.

So far other than Cid's look to me when Master had first taken him in his mouth, neither had glanced my way. I wedged myself against the headboard determined to be as silent as possible, not wanting them to stop.

Master covered Cid's cock again, his mouth moving up and down the length. Cid's eyes fell closed as he brought his hands up and placed them behind his head. Master's head moved delicately, it was obvious he was taking care to keep his teeth from piercing Cid's sensitive member. He pulled back and used his long fingered grip to stroke Cid's cock. His hand tightened enough to bring Cid up of the bed, his eyes flashing in pain, before he settled back, and Master continued pumping him slowly.

Minutes later, Cid sat up and pulled away from the Master's attention. Master crawled across the bed following Cid's movements. Cid used his hands to guide Julien's lips to his own, and they kissed their tongues warring playfully from one mouth to another. Cid groaned loudly, and I caught a trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth before Master licked it away.

Cid broke the kiss, pushing the master back with a hand on his chest. The Master lay back his legs bent at the knee, but spread to either side of Cid. His head was turned away from me, when Cid looked at me, his eyes ice blue with lust. "Lube." He mouthed, as his hand moved down to cup Master's balls, then snaked down lower.

I reached off the bed, trying not to draw Master's attention, and grabbed the bottle of lubricant that lived there. I carefully placed it in Cid's outstretched hand. Cid gave me a wink, then turned his full attention to the vampire that was beginning to quiver from the fingers kneading his balls. Cid opened the lube, and liberally applied it to his fingers before dropping his hand back between Master's legs.

Master turned his head, his grey eyes open and staring almost blindly at Cid. Cid slid a finger into Master's ass, his eyes gleamed and his lips twisted into a grin. Master gasped his eyes falling closed again, his back arching, and his mouth open enough to flash fangs.

Cid worked his finger slowly, until Master had relaxed, then he added a second. Grinning again as the Master arched and moaned anew. After a few minutes, Master relaxed, and Cid added a third finger. He stopped moving his hand as he looked down at the Master waiting for him to stretch and relax before he began moving.

Cid moved his fingers within our Master's stretched ass, his eyes flicking between Master's legs and watching the obvious ecstasy of the wide "O" Julien's mouth had formed into. When Cid withdrew his fingers Master was panting and whimpering, something I had never seen from the always composed vampire.

"Turn over." Cid whispered, pushing gently at one of the Master's legs.

His eyes opened and he blinked several times before he moved to comply. He turned on his hands and knees, his head hanging down. Cid maneuvered them so Master's head was just in front of me. If he looked up he would see me. I wondered he had forgotten I was here, if the games would stop if Master remembered. I never would have imagined he would let Cid top him, especially not with an audience. The Master didn't look up, he lowered himself, and offered his ass to Cid.

Cid watched the pale ass, as he took up the lube and applied it directly to his cock. Cid's eyes met mine again, as he moved up behind Julien and slowly pushed himself inch by slow inch inside. Both of them moaned in unison as Cid's hips married ass. Cid leaned over Master's back and wrapped his arms around his chest and pulled him up against his chest. They moved together, with one of Cid's hands across Julien's chest, and the other below his chin. He forced Master's head to the side, bearing the faint blue vein running just below the pale flesh.

"Scream for me." Cid whispered in the Master's ear, then bit down brutally on the side of his neck. Cid's hips flexed driving his cock even deeper inside his ass.

Master complied, his scream ending in a growl that hardened my nipples

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