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Getting work done, & continuing Bambi's story.

The nipples were hardening up as I looked, maybe she knew subconsciously her tits were on show or it could have been the cold air that came in the car when I opened the doors, whatever, they were very responsive and got big and hard, I didn't even pull on them with my fingers, I just dived on them with my mouth to suck, nibble and pull with my teeth, while massaging the other big tit with my hand, I squeezed the other tit hard while biting down on the big nipple between my teeth, not a groan or anything came from her, definitely a sign to work my way down to the pussy.

She looked good with both tits out and over her pink bunny girl top; white feather boa added a nice touch too!

Now for the pussy, I couldn't be dealing with her boots, they looked tight, so I decided they could stay on, I lifted her off the seat so I could get a hold on those pink hot pants, edging them down an inch at a time, once further down her thighs, they slipped off easy, I was pleased I left her knee high boots on, her legs were slightly apart showing that she had a black thong on underneath the see thru white hose, thinking that she looked a picture made me wonder whether she had a camera with her, it didn't take long to find it in her small handbag, a quick scan thru showed pics of people getting drunk and acting stupid at whatever party she had been too, a few of her leaning over and obviously showing those big tits of hers off, not like she couldn't have known how she looked and the effect they had on guys.

I decided maybe best not to take any pics of her now, stick with the few she already had, nice camera too. My brain was still working even with this hot pussy in front of me, no evidence to be kept.

A small dilemma as to how best to get to the nylon covered pussy, no way taking those tight boots off, so grasping the nylon in both hands I ripped it wide open so the black thongs were revealed, some more ripping and dilemma solved, grasping her thongs, I eased them down, over the ripped hose and her boots, lifting the thongs to my nose, I breathed in her scent, just how I liked it, a smell of pussy but not too strong, I slipped them in my pocket, it would be good to smell them later while looking at her party photos and remembering what I was going to be doing soon with her delicious body, maybe even write it all down with one of her photos too.

The shaved pussy looked good, I pushed her legs apart for a better look, I already knew it smelled good so dived right in to see if it tasted as good, it did, the smell of her perfume and pussy scent mingled in my nose as I began to eat, working my tongue inside her pussy lips, it was a shame I had to get where I was going soon and on a tight schedule else I would have liked to have eaten the pussy for longer, but once it was wet enough from my deep tonguing, I pulled back, unzipped and pulled my semi hard cock out, worked it a few times to full hardness and guided it to the pussy laid out before me, it always felt so good the first time a new pussy was entered and this one really felt good, she may have been in her mid thirties but it felt really tight, no way I was going to last long in this tight hole.

After a few slow deep strokes to really enjoy the tightness, I speeded up, I really had to get going soon, so with squeezing those big firm tits under me and pounding the pussy hard, it wasn't long before I pushed in deep and shot my cum inside her.

That was really a good tight pussy, I hoped to maybe use it again when I got to my destination, I put my foot down and sped off, the roads were quiet which is why I chose this route, nearing my destination, I passed a derelict park area and could see a few old guys clustered around a fire, it gave me an idea, I pulled up near and shoute

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