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Wife gets playful with friends in pool.

I walked out of my room in a pair of long jeans and a white tank top to a view of wannabe strippers. All three were wearing daisy duke shorts and shirts that covered more than a bra would.

After glances among themselves then at me Ashley went to the kitchen returning with scissors. She proceeded to cute of my jeans. The result resembled underwear more than shorts. Then Annabel took the scissors to my shirt, cut it off right below my bra and made an oh-so-low v-neck to my white tank.

I felt like a tramp upon seeing my reflection but said a prayer of thanks that they had left my lack of make up and mob of curly hair alone. Just as I finished the prayer of thanks April, my third roommate pulled off my glasses and started to apply concealer while Ashley straightened my dark ringlets.

At the end of the transformation, in unison the three A's said, "Wow." I turned to the mirror with closed eyes. "Wow," I agreed. I looked like a different person.

On the way to Cowboys I was nervous to the point of sweaty palms and short breaths. But I decided no matter the outcome of the night no one would even recognize me so it really didn't matter.

We sat in line to be IDed and pay the cover in the freezing cold. Never had I worn a padded bra. I hadn't ever needed to due to the God-given gift of double-d breasts. But for once, tonight I wished I were wearing one. I was so cold and my nipples stood at extreme attention. They hurt to the point of making me wet between my legs: I loved this feeling but wouldn't ever let anyone know.

The girls behind us resembled by roommates: sluts. They wore next to nothing and appeared to already be intoxicated.

When we got to the front of the line the bouncer winked at the three behind us. As we walked through the doors one of the girls said, "Barry, which one?"

"The one in the white shirt. GO for the wet test."

I had no clue was they were talking about, but had forgotten by the time my roommates ditched me for random hook-ups.

It was then, while sitting at the bar plotting my escape, that I saw the three girls from the line again.

"Three beers Johnny," The bleach blonde said.

"Right away Jackie," the bartender said with a smile.

The girl picked up two, one in each hand and attempted to pick up the third. She dropped it all over the front of my shirt. I could feel it seep through my shirt into my bra and realized this was the perfect end to my night and this was my time to head out.

"I am so sorry. I'm such a klutz. Oh my gosh! I'm sorry." She put down the still two full drinks and took a towel from the bartender. She tried to soak up the liquid from my shirt but it was no use; I already resembled a freshman in a white t-shirt contest.

"Don't worry about it. I was just leaving anyways." I had known this was a bad idea since my roommates asked me to come.

"Oh don't let me be the reason you leave, please. Let's go dance, it'll help your shirt dry faster."

Something kept me from saying no immediately and after a couple of seconds in thought I realized no one would recognize me anyways. "All right."

I let her lead me up to the hip-hop dance floor on the second story of the bar. Assuming her two friends would soon show up or we would find guys I started dancing, ready to let loose at this point.

She was obviously a little more loose than I to start with. She started dancing behind me, pulling my butt close to her crotch. I had never danced with a girl and felt like this before. She left her palms on my hip, letting her fingers fall to by crotch.

With every beat of the music it felt as if her hands slipped farther and farther down between my legs. This was a completely new sensation. It felt so different than the anticipation I felt with my boyfriend-my now ex-boyfriend.

To my further surprise she slipped a finger under my cut off shorts and I silently thanked Ashley for cutting them so short.

With every beat she moved her finger faster and faster over my clit while caressing my wet, cold nipple through my shirt.

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