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It begins...let the festivities commence!

"Drink up. In the ultrasound you'll get to see your baby's image. I heard that the midwife found its heart-beat, always a good sign. Now be a good girl and finish this glass full." The nurse said in a stern yet gentle tone.

Janey found herself drinking the water even though she wasn't thirsty. She handed the empty glass back and nearly groaned when the nurse refilled it.

"Has anyone called my brother or my boyfriend?" Janey demanded unhappily.

"Just let me take this blood and then I will make sure someone has called them. If not I'll do it myself. How's that?" The nurse asked as she efficiently got Janey to take and drink the water without complaint.

"I want one of them with me," Janey said and nearly began crying once again.

"Just give me a moment to get this blood and then I will get straight onto it."

A minute later the nurse left the room after taking the blood and pouring another glass of water for Janey. She returned to the room five minutes later and was pleased to see that Janey had finished all of the water.

"I managed to reach your friend Adam. he will be here in about half an hour, which means he will be here in time for the ultrasound if you want him to go into the examination with you," The nurse said with a compassionate smile.

Janey managed a miserable smile but clearly her heart was not in it.

"Would you like me to turn on your tv so you can watch it until I come back to take you to your appointment?"

* * * * *

Janey watched the technician squirt gel onto her exposed stomach before running a probe through the gel, spreading it around Janey's stomach.

The technician worked silently as he moved the hand held device across Janey's stomach. Every so often he would pause, hold the probe still and press one of many buttons on the console in front of him.

"Can you tell us anything?" Adam asked when there was no comment from the technician.

"Well I can tell Miss Wilkinson here that the foetus is growing in the womb not in a fallopian tube as the doctor had feared. How many weeks did you say you were?" He asked as he looked at Janey.

"About twelve weeks or a little more I think. Is there something wrong with my baby?" She asked fearfully when he frowned slightly.

"Everything appears to be normal, although you're not quite as pregnant as you thought. Mind you it is very difficult to tell at this stage. Another ultrasound in four to six weeks will be able to give you a more accurate due date. The measurements point to you being ten weeks five days pregnant, give or take three days," The technician explained.

A sick feeling began to build in Janey's stomach as she mentally listed those who had had sex with her in the first two weeks she had been abducted. She felt Adam squeeze her hand gently and glanced at him. He was watching her closely.

"Is it possible for me to see the baby on that screen?" Janey asked.

"Wait a moment, I'll get a nice clear shot of the uterus and then turn the screen around so you can see," The technician said. Several moments later he clicked one of the buttons and then turned the screen slightly so that she could see it.

Janey stared at the screen hard, trying to see something that would give her some clue as to whose child she carried. As hard as it had been to think about Hawk possibly being the father of her child after what she had endured at his hands, it was far worse to know that she had to admit to the possibility that Wilson might be the father. The savagery and brutality she had endured from him still haunted her much more than Hawk's treatment of her did.

"I'm busting," Janey said suddenly and the technician gave an understanding smile.

"All finished. You can wipe that goo off your stomach and use the toilet just outside near the change cubical," He said as he wiped the probe off and hung it on a hook on the console.

Adam helped Janey sit up and climb down from the bed she had been lying on and followed her out to wait outside the toilet door for her.

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