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But she knew what she wanted, and her fingers dove to the front of Ben's shorts. Ben was eager to help her lower his zipper, but then a door opened somewhere in the stairwell above them. When Ben and Susannah heard chattering female voices overhead and footsteps clearly descending down the stairwell, Ben was suddenly helping Susannah cover herself. Her top and skirt were pulled back into place, and she managed to retrieve her bra and hide it behind her back before the girls reached the ground floor. Luckily, they were strangers, and barely glanced at Ben and Susannah as they walked out the stairwell door to the beach.

Startled by nearly being caught, Ben did not know what to do. Susannah smiled, reached up on her tip toes, and gave him a light peck on the lips. "I think we're running late to meet our friends," she said with a smile, "But I promise I will take care of you later, and you will love it."

"You promise?" Ben asked.

"If we have to do it out on the beach tonight where anyone walking by could see us, I promise I will still make you cum at least once tonight."

Ben embraced Susannah's thin frame in his strong arms and gave her one last squeeze. Then she was hurrying off, back up the stairs, to rejoin her sisters.

As she hurried into her room, Susannah could not help but grin like a kid in a candy store. She had missed Ben and had been so happy to find that he had missed her. Her heart felt full to overflowing with happiness at the thought of being with him again, but her happy thoughts were dashed when she walked back into her hotel room. Olive, the last person on Earth she wanted to see right then, was standing in the little living room of the hotel suite. Susannah's pledge sisters caught her look of dismay as the smile vanished from her face, and they tried to warn her with their eyes. But it was too late. She was back to being stuck in Olive's orbit, like a satellite that couldn't quite escape the pull of the planet.

Olive flashed one of her too-big, fake smiles and cooed, "Suuuuuusannah! So happy you made it back."

"Hey Olive," Susannah responded, trying her best not to sound completely cold in her reply.

Either ignorant of Susannah's unhappiness or pretending not to notice, Olive beckoned Susannah to the little coffee table set in the center of the room. After realizing what was set up on that coffee table, Susannah could not believe how many shots of alcohol Olive had arranged. There had to be about forty little plastic shot glasses filled with what appeared to be liquors of various colors. Thinking maybe she had misunderstood, Susannah glanced around the hotel room, looking for other sisters. But her looks confirmed that it was just Olive, Susannah, three other pledges, and the rude older sister who loved to complain that freshmen were all stupid.

"I have a great surprise for my little pledges," Olive said, with what appeared to be genuine glee. "I'm going to show you girls how to have a proper pre-party. We're going to listen to a mix of my favorite songs for getting pumped up before heading out to the club, and at the start of every song we're going to do a shot together."

"Is it just going to be the six of us? Are we going to do ALL of those shots?" Susannah blurted out.

"Don't be an idiot, pledge!" the older sister roared. "You should be thanking us!"

"Tiffany!" Olive snapped. To Susannah's surprise, Olive seemed genuinely angry at the older sister, glaring at Tiffany. Then Olive turned her attention back to Susannah. "We're all on vacation here, so none of you are obligated to do anything. But I really did hope this would be an opportunity for us all to bond together as sisters. Tiffany and I spent a lot of money getting some good liquor to share with you all for this pre-party."

The look of sincere humility on Olive's face made Susannah reconsider.

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