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Foot fetish adventure set in a fantasy world.

onne? Why didn't you go home, babe?"

"Eh, it's Friday. I had a choice. Go home, masturbate. Or wait till you came home and greet my favorite cop after she's done pervert busting by doing some perverted things of my own."

Rory raised an eyebrow and could feel the slightest hint of moisture build up in her panties. "Well, you put some coffee and Sade' on, and wait for me. I should only be another hour, and when I get home, you won't need coffee to keep you awake." Rory smiled and hung up. Women. That "only women can understand other women" thing is bullshit, but sometimes, she scored.

She could visualize Yvonne. Bitch probably already found her secret drawer in her bathroom, which contained some porn DVDs, a vibrating dildo and some lube. She's probably going nuts on herself right now. She imagined her lying on her bed, her legs spread, stroking her wet pussy in expectation of Rory's arrival. Rory's mouth instinctively started watering at the thought.

"Hey, Kitty." Rory looked up. It was Darryl. Darryl wasn't even supposed to be in this part of the hospital. Dr. Darryl Loughlin was a cardiologist at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The two had become acquainted over a poisoning case six months ago, and had built of a friend with benefits type of relationship. Rory knew Darryl wanted more, but, she just couldn't do that yet. Not with what was waiting for her at home. And Darryl could tell with her smile. "You've got that devious smile. What's her name?"

"Geez, Darryl." Rory looked a little annoyed.

"You're gonna tell me anyway."

"Her name's Yvonne. She works at the Delano."

"That pretty Korean girl?"

"Yup, one and the same." She smiled devilishly.

"You stud you. If I wasn't on call, I'd feel jealous."

"Feh. You know you're married to your job and the Loughlin fortune will be going to JMH when you die." She kissed him on the cheek and inhaled his scent. How can a man work so much in a hospital and not smell like one? She pulled away, giving his flame red hair a stroke. "Alright, I gotta finish up with this girl and then get back to the station. I'll call you, k?"

Darryl rubbed the back of his neck. Rory was good about calling, after all. "Okay, and I'll be off for the next three days, so I think I can pencil you in," he said with a wink.

Rory returned to the station and found Rojas, upset. "I still say his story is bullshit. But I can't just arrest him on it. But, I'm thinking about calling and giving a heads up to campus police--"

"No. Accused means ain't nothing been settled yet. And if he's convicted, that boneheaded, politically motivated act can over turn it."

"Why are you defending him? You of all people--"

"Vanessa, you're thinking with your pussy. I'm thinking with my brain. And I think we're pretty much done here, since you took a statement and told him to not leave town. And since the Hurricanes have a home game this week, I think we can bed this one for the night and come back to it in the morning, since I have some overtime to work on."

And with that, Rory Hawkins clocked out.

It's amazing how quickly one can drive if one is motivated. It was 3am, and Rory was quite motivated. She got to her Dadeland condo. Good. Yvonne's car was still there. She parked and smoothed her hair and checked her make up, then locked down her car and walked up the stairs. She unlocked and opened the door into her apartment. The smell of coffee and jasmine hit her nose and complimented the music in the background.

There's a quiet storm /and it never felt like this before /There's a quiet storm
That is you/There's a quiet storm /And it never felt this hot before/Giving me something that's taboo / (Sometimes I think you're just too good for me)

She saw Yvonne leaning on the doorframe to her bedroom, naked.

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