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Lovecraftian Tale of MtF Lamia Twinning Transformation.

'I take it you like my outfit,' she laughed, 'I thought it was fitting for tonight, as you will be giving me away to the new man in my life. You will greet Marcus at the door and lead him into the back yard for the ceremony.'

Ceremony? What had my wife turned into? It had only been a few days and she was willing to go this deep? I scarfed my dinner, and when I went to the bedroom to shower, I saw my outfit laid out on the bed. The crotch of the white tuxedo had been altered, leaving a hemmed hole that would perfectly frame my caged, useless penis. I went to the shower to wash the cum off my face and prepare for the evening.

When I got out, I put the tux on, confirming my suspicions about the hole. My cage glinted in the evening sunlight coming through the window of the bedroom I shared with Leah. Could I still call her my wife after tonight?

I heard noises downstairs, and as I came down the steps I found our friends and neighbors gathering in the house. This was public?! I blushed furiously, shamed, as the wives sniggered at my cage, the husbands wide-eyed, wondering if they were next. Hearing my name called, I went to the guest room, where Leah was putting the finishing touches on her outfit.

'Help me with my garter, honey?'

Leah handed me the white lace garter. As I took it from her, I noticed writing stitched into the lace. A black queen of spades with the words 'BLACK COCK SLUT' were written in large letters. Leah smiled as I read the words.

'After tonight, that's what I'll be, honey,' Leah cooed, 'Is this what you want?'

'More than anything,' I told my wife, fully confirming my perverted fantasy of becoming my wife's cuckold.

Leah lifted her leg and pushed me to my knees. I slid the garter over her outstretched foot and up her smooth leg. As I slid the lace upwards, Leah raised her wedding dress, showing me her bare wet pussy. I pulled my eyes from my wife's sex to arrange the garter so the writing was facing forward.

I tried to push my face onto Leah's pussy to give it a lick, but she grabbed my hair and pulled me back.

'Not yet. You can't have me again until Marcus takes my virginity. You know that's what it will be, right honey? I'm going to be a virgin all over again when that big black cock pushes its way into me.'

Leah was still holding my head near her pussy, and as she talked, her other hand began rubbing herself in anticipation. She stopped, pushing my head back.

'Go outside and wait, it's almost time,' my wife ordered.

I did as I was told. The guests had been seated in the back yard, nearly twenty of them in fold out chairs. I blushed again, wondering what they all thought about this. Marcus stood at the makeshift altar, another tall black man beside him to do the officiating.

'Are you ready to walk me down the aisle, honey?'

Leah looked absolutely beautiful. She still wore my wedding rings, and they shined in the sunlight. I nodded, and she took my arm, pulling me out the door.

As we started out, wedding music began playing and the guests stood. The male guests stared at my wife, unable to take their eyes off her chest framed by her red curls. I had the women's attention, and they stared and giggled at my caged cock. I blushed yet again, both loving and hating the attention.

We made it to the altar, and the black man motioned for me to stand behind my wife.

'I'm sure you all have been to a normal wedding,' He announced, 'but this is not a normal wedding. This is a cuckold wedding, where a wife's legitimate husband admits his inadequacies by giving his wife to a man who can truly please her. Marcus, do you have the anklet?'

My boss nodded, handing a small silver bracelet to his friend. He turned to me.

'Kneel, cuckold, and place this on your wife's ankle.'

While I did, he turned to address our guests again, 'The cuckold is signifying his wife's ownership with an anklet.

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