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She meets with Mr. Burns.


She blushes and asks, "you've seen it?"

"No, I haven't seen it but I know who has it and I can get it and destroy it for you." Not necessarily true but it put me in control of the situation.

"Oh my god, I would love you to do that. I'll do anything."

I smile and say "I was hoping you would say that. See, I think you are essentially perfect and I'd like to enjoy what you've been providing to others."

She turns white again, "what are you saying?"

"Its simple, I want you real bad, you don't have to do anything you don't want to but you risk that tape being sent directly to your husband. I will not hold this over you after today," not sure if that was true, "but if you do what I say today, then you can put that situation in your past."

She gulps and stares at me, "not sure what choice I have, what do you want?"

"We will start out slow, you have 20 minutes to hand me your panties. You can work the day with no panties. Don't worry this will be fun." I tell her.

She doesn't say anything and leaves my office. Fifteen minutes later, she walks into my office and throws her panties at my face. "Here you go, I hope your happy" and she leaves. I watch her walk away and her ass is awesome, I know those jeans are rubbing directly against her pussy so it is even hotter. I can not wait to have her.

I take her black silk size 4 panties and smell them. Yep they are hers! I licked them in the crotch area where there is a bit of a stain and put them in my desk drawer. I start to rub my cock over my pants and think yes this will be fun.

I wait a few hours and then walk into her office. She is working on a spreadsheet or something. I go behind her while she is typing and reach down her shirt and start to rub her tits over her bra.

"What are you doing?" she asks and tries to move away.

"I said you need to do what I say and want all day and I want to feel these firm tits of yours." I continue to rub her tits and notice her nipples are getting hard. I know that is sending a shiver down her body as I've experienced it. I also know her body loves that feeling. "You can continue to work if you want," I tell her.

She starts to type and I continue to rub her tits and then go down and kiss her neck. She smells incredible. I kiss her neck and nibble on her ears. I feel her nipples getting harder. I tell her to take off her bra.

"No, I can't, not at work," she responds.

"Oh you can and you will or else you know what happens, good luck explaining to your husband that you "blacked out."

She pulls away and reaches under her shirt and takes off her bra. "I'm not leaving this office."

I start to feel her tits and they feel as smooth and firm as I remembered. My cock is bursting to be let out. I need to suck those tits. I get up and shut the door. "There, privacy, take off your shirt."

She takes off her top and there she is sitting there with no shirt on and she looks awesome. I go up to her and start to kiss her. Her lips taste incredible and I stick my tongue into her mouth while rubbing her tits. I kiss her neck and move down and start kissing her tits. They are smooth and nice and firm. I start licking her nipples while one hand starts to rub her jeans between her legs.

Then I my phone alarm rings and I remember I have a meeting - Damn. I tell her we will have to finish later and open the door and walk out. I laugh as I see her scramble to put on her shirt.

A few hours later, I see her walk by my office and call out for her to stop by.

She comes in my office and I ask her to please shut the door. She does.

"Damn, you look incredible," I tell her. "I could really use a nice blow job right now, if you don't mind."

"What, where?" she asks.

"Get on your knees and get under my desk," I tell her. This has been a dream of mine for years.

"This ends today, right?" she asks and I respond yes.

She slowly walks over and climbs under the desk. She is moving slow so I take out my cock for her. I feel her hand on my cock and it gets hard quickly.

I feel her mo

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