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Furlong becomes infatuated with Alex.

They came into view to my right, between the bed and the toy table. They each had another beer with them. Damn I was thirsty.

Jared set his down and picked up a remote control. The red lights flashed to life on the video cameras. He pointed it at the horizontally mounted TV and it flashed on showing the image of me from the camera on my left. He flipped thru all the various views the cameras afforded him and settled on one of the two that were focused on my crotch from the foot of the bed, one high, one bed level. He chose the high view. The cameras did a good job of catching the reflections from my sweaty skin. So much for American Idol.

Rick asked, "How you feel Rach?"

This was my first go round with a ball gag, so I just grunted.

"We are going to have fun tonight. All for you babe," said Jared.

"Yeah, all night of playing with your pussy," said Rick.

"We are going to see how many different ways and times we can make you cum."

"We might even fuck you a few times too."

"Ok. Lets get started on 'Rachel's Pussy Pleasure'," said Jared.

Jared brought the remote with him as he came around to my left side, getting into a kneeling position at my waist. Rick knelt at my right. Their weight had caused my body to pull against its restraints, they had done a good job of securing me.

Rick had begun to massage my right leg just above the knee, Jared did the same with my left. They moved slowly and tenderly up my legs. I was determined to ignore them. But I couldn't ignore the image on the screen of their muscular hands working my outstretched thighs. I shut my eyes. I felt their fingers move closer and closer to my pussy. Then they stopped.

I felt two sets of lips along the string parts of my bikini bottom trailing kisses on my soft skin moving to each knot of red string at my hips. I took a peek at the TV and watched as they undid my bikini with their teeth. I felt the first tingle of arousal and did my best to ignore it. I still wasn't sure if I liked this situation.

Jared sat up and went back to massaging my inner thighs, this time with both hands. Rick licked his way along the red string to the center of my bottoms. He kissed me lightly all over down there, pushing down the fabric slightly as he did. I closed my eyes again and thought about the pain I had endured earlier. Jared had his fingers up against the edges of the narrow material of my now loosened bikini, rubbing and squeezing gently. I had to concentrate more to stay in control. I was just going to lay here.

"C'mon Rachel, relax, enjoy this," said Jared.

No response.

Rick sat up and said, "Ok, we'll just have to try something else"

Rick got up and turned to the table. He climbed back next to me with a purple colored vibrator. A short one, only about four inches long and very slim. He bent down over my open thigh and turned it on. Jared began kissing and sucking on inner portion of my left leg. I opened my eyes to see the buzzing vibe being placed over the length of my pussy thru my bikini.

As much as my brain ignored what was happening, my body began to react on its own. Dammit. The buzzing on my lips and hood were waking up my pussy, which hadn't had any attention in 3 days. I could feel myself getting wet. After a minute of this Jared ran his fingers against the fabric alongside the vibe. He could feel the dampness.

"Hmmm, she's getting wet man. Look, her suit is getting darker," Jared said.

"Good," said Rick.

I still had not moved nor made a sound.

Rick slid the vibe up and ran it up and down against my clit, drawing it out. I could feel the warm flow of my juices begin to soak my bikini. Jared's fingers pushed the wet fabric into the opening of my hole. This was too much for my attention starved pussy. I was starting to cum whether I wanted to or not. My body began to shake as my muscles twitched. It took all I had to keep my hips from grinding away. I shut my eyes hard and bit down on the ball in my mouth as I had my first ever silent orgasm.

Rick said, "Damn Rachel. Why are you fighting this? Enjoy it babe."

Jared asked hi

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